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Gauntlet: a film by Andrew McKenzie


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Okay, ladies and gents, those of you who have been here long enough will know Andrew McKenzie as one of our own. When he came to RAW, he was working on several amazing screenplays, many of which looked like they were going to take off. In that course, he also had a lot of great names attached to his projects, names of actors and actresses we all love.


After several years of hard work, he sold Sweetwater without him attached as a director. As these things go, the directors hired rewrote the thing. I will say that I really liked Sweetwater, but it took me a few watches to let that sink in. When I saw it, all I could think about was the amazing stuff they yanked out of it. It could have been so much more. That said, I still recomend seeing it.


I have been lucky enough to read some of Andrew's stuff, and even get notes back from him on one of mine. The guy knows his films like no other. At least films that really matter. The kind of films Hollywood is too afraid to make anymore. I could go down the list, but you will see the big ones on his poster in the video.


Andrew will explain it a bit more, but Gauntlet is too "RAW" for Hollywood to put up money for it. Even the small amount of $200,000 he is asking for. It makes no sense at all, most films get ad campaigns 10-20 times bigger than that amount, but that's the way it goes now, but with Kickstrarter, and this project, we can tell the suits to piss off.


Every little bit will help, and if you can, or can not donate, at least help spread the word. This will be something you can be proud of telling people you helped fund.






And just to save some time, if you live in the US, 1 AUD equals 93 cents.

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Well, this sounds like a very intriguing film, Andrew.


It's a shame you cancelled the project on Kickstarter. :( Unless that means you found investors elsewhere. :)


If not, maybe you could consider finding investors on Slated. https://www.slated.com


No, I'm not a member of it, so I can't get you in. I'm not even 100% certain on how it works. Actually, I'm only familiar with it because of William Mapother. But maybe you know someone who can help you get your project slated.


Anyways, best of luck on developing this project!

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