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Well, not much to preface these with. It's Moebius.


If anyone is not familiar with this man...nay....LEGEND's work (Which by the way is difficult to find the really great pieces online) enjoy. His work, his imagination and designs are not only the most unique and bizarre creations in all of comicdom...but his ability to change styles, and rendering techniques is remarkable. There is much to be learned from viewing of Moebius's work. His pen and ink style is often imitated, and his designs often as well.


I think the main inspiration for me is his strange genius, his amazing ink work, and his chameleon like skill. One's first reaction might be "weird!", but it's how he tells the story that lends credibility to all his weird worlds.


Also, his conceptual work has been used in movies like Tron, Bladerunner, The Fifth Element, Alien, The Abyss, Willow, Heavy Metal, and Masters of the Universe among others. Alongside people like Syd Mead and Ralph MacQuarrie in terms of conceptual art pioneers.


s'all I got.









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Guest AdminGuyX

I'll never forget flipping through copies of Heavy Metal long before I should have been able to read that stuff (like 10 years old I mean) and landing on his work and just staring at it for hours on end. Getting lost in his line work and his use of color. His work is always so well balanced and feels so perfect.


Moebius had to be one of the first artists I knew by name, and could recognize by style.


The Long Tomorrow was a big inspiration for my favorite film, Blade Runner.

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Hi Hasko!

Following the "Real men documentary" Q&A yesterday I ordered my DVD of your Moebius Redux. Already impatient to see it... and hear it!

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Awww thank you. I hope you'll like it. I guess it's a little bit dated but maybe that's not necessarily a bad thing. 😄 I am glad that you chose the DVD with the 70min version, there are also shorter versions (like the BBC 52 minute cut) which I like a little less. Also, I put a ton of bonus stuff on the DVD that hopefully is fun. 

Anyway, I am delighted that it is still around and gets some play! THANKS!

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Hi Hasko,

Tonight we've been watching Moebius Redux 😁 oh WOW. Your documentary is excellent (that you know already).

What I liked so much is that I gained a glimpse at the big picture. It felt as if pieces of a puzzle I'm standing on (I hadn't notice it was below my feet) get together. And while the pieces are moving around carrying me as an awestruck silent audience of the process, I understand that Alien is born from a deadborn US-FR cooperative Dune project. I notice that the funny resemblance I liked between Blueberry and Belmondo is not funny at all. JPB was his influence. I learned about his travels to the Mexican desert, this explains so well why his drawings often have people in contrast to the flat horizon.

It was so nice to "meet" Giger in his "younger" years just a few days after having watched Dark Star, where he practically cannot speak anymore.

I liked your inclusion of architecture, be it Paris with the BNF and la Villette or the towers of L.A. (that get stamped on in "Silver Surfer" just minutes later 😉).

I could get a (very short) glimpse at Bilal's Exterminator 17 on the cover of Metal Hurlant, which made me extatic.

It is a complete world "behind the scenes" that I would never have had access to if it weren't for you.

And tonight we've only watched the 70 minutes main film... in the next days more than 2hrs of extras are waiting for me 😳👍🏻

Thank you Hasko!

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Oh thank you so much! I am very very happy that you liked the film. I always fear that it's a bit dated so I'm glad when I hear that it holds up well enough.

I was thinking about making a doc on Jodorowsky's Dune project because I was fascinated by the story. Jodo showed me the sketches and designs they did - he had a whole book in his apartment! But I let go of the idea after I finished Moebius Redux because I felt I had spent enough time with these people 😄  It was a mistake though. An American filmmaker, Frank Pavich, approached me a few years later - he would have liked to use outtakes from my Giraud footage for his doc on... Jodorowsky's Dune! I could not help him, Jean had died and his wife would never have given her ok. But Frank finished his film without it, it became a great success and was even shortlisted for the Oscar noms! So I thought, dammmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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Oh wow, this is harsh indeed. But hey, he was "only" nominated and you won at SDCC...

Now about your documentary getting dated. This will clearly never happen. The reason being that people interested in Moebius's work will always enjoy it and discover new information thanks to you.

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