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On Crowdrise, the talented Jeremy Piven started a fundraiser to benefit the Piven Theatre Workshop.


Here's a message from the man himself:


All the money you help me raise will go to help the mission of the Piven Theatre Workshop, which is to celebrate each individual’s unique voice through an ensemble-based, community-oriented approach to theatre training and performance. Whether it's on-site, in our programs for adults with developmental disabilities, or in neighborhoods that are underserved, the Workshop is a place where lives can change. It's where I grew up and became an actor, and it’s a place where my mom still, to this day, continues to inspire kids and adults to find their true potential.

My goal is to raise $25,000 and I definitely need your help to make it happen.

Thanks so much.




I'm calling on you, my RAWarriors, to help in any way possible.


You can support this worthy cause today by DONATING ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY through my fundraising page &/or by SPREADING THE WORD (email friends/family, tweet it, post it, word of mouth, etc) to anyone/everyone willing to pay attention.


Please make a difference -- Give a little to gain a lot. B)




Thank you!!!

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I love the "Breakfast with Piven" ...


Me, too! :D Plus, I think it's great when artists believe in and support other artists. It's a great way of giving back & paying it forward.

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