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It's very sad that this great actor has passed away & did so tragically. I'm shocked. I didn't realize he had a problem. I always saw him as such a talent, someone who stole scenes, as well as, owned them.


46? Way too young. I can never wrap my head around such demises. :(



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I thought this was some morbid joke at first. Hoffman did not strike me as the type. That said, I feel bad for his kids and family. 46 is pretty damn young to go.


As for his talent, what can be said that has not already been said. PSH had leading man quality in the best way. His talent did not need the leading man looks to capture our attentions, just that raw gift for becoming a character. The thing about each person he portrayed was that no matter how they were meant to be percived (good or evil) he gave us a look at their humanity. He showed the good in the bad and vice versa. He would show you power in one scene, then give you a look that exposed the frailty of that character. He was just that good. Such a shame.

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