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Out of the Furnace / American Hustle


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What’s better than seeing a new Christian Bale movie?………… Seeing TWO Christian Bale movies in the same month!! Recently, I saw both Out of the Furnace and American Hustle and must say that it’s hard to pick a favorite between them. They’re both SO good for various reasons and one similar one. Details magazine was right to label Bale as "The Transformer," because just based on seeing these two movies, you can see the man becomes his characters with completely different aspects in mind.
While Out of the Furnace opened with intensity and had me clinging to the edge of my seat ‘til the final frame, American Hustle opened with the most hilarious moment and had me clinging to the edge of my seat ‘til the final frame. With both films, I didn’t know what to expect next. I just jumped on for the ride. And boy, what thrilling rides they were! B)
Topnotch acting all around for both! I can see why critics have said that Out of the Furnace provides Bale’s best performance. Though, American Hustle is one of the most memorable. That combover and fat gut of Bale’s Irving in the film will stay with you long after. It would be a shame for either of these two gems to walk away without an abundance of awards.
Oscar Prediction: American Hustle will win Best Picture or I'll cry.
So, has anyone seen either of these movies? Feel free to share your opinions about either one or both. Or about Christian Bale as an actor. Or about anyone else in or involved with either movie. I'd love to discuss any of these topics further with any of ya. :)
Here are the trailers:



HIGHLY RECOMMEND seeing both films whenever you get the chance!!!




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Congratulations to American Hustle for winning BEST PICTURE & to Christian BALE, Bradley COOPER, Amy ADAMS, & Jennifer LAWRENCE on winning their Oscars!!!!*


*message from the future** ;)


**an ideal one

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