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The talented & kindhearted Robert Rusler wants to make an independent horror film for the fans by the fans.


RR launched his Kickstarter campaign last week. In order to have his project successfully funded, he needs to make $1.2 million dollars by June 5th. Yes, it’s a lot of money to make in a little amount of time. BUT it can be done.


If anyone’s interested, please visit the page, pledge, &/or spread the word about the project. Every bit of help helps.




Thank you!

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For Tweeters, here's an account to FOLLOW: https://twitter.com/BlackAsylumFilm


For Facebookers, here's a page to LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/blackasylumcult


For Kickstarters, here's a project to BACK: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/387020587/black-asylum


I'm only one voice; any of your help can make the shoutout of support louder.


Please help spread the word! B)


Thank you!

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Robert Rusler REALLY wants to make Black Asylum. Fans can help make this indie film happen on indiegogo: http://t.co/urFea6BGCD

Please support Black Asylum any way you can!!!

Contribute, Tweet, Like, &/or Share.....Any form of spreading the word is encouraged and appreciated. B)

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