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Boston Marathon Tragedy

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Heartbreaking News: http://usnews.nbcnew...es-injured?lite



Keeping all of the victims & family members effected by the terrible explosions that occurred at the Boston marathon in my heart and praying for each one of them.


Please hold your family members/friends close always but even closer today. :(

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This is a horrible tragedy and I am keeping all the families and the victims in my prayers. The news is calling it a terrorist act but there not saying if it is someone from another country or someone group from here in the USA. Either way it makes you uneasy. These people were innocent victims and some whacko decides to plant bombs to kill them. I think the government had better stop worrying about gun control and concentrate on things like this because if this happened once there is going to be more incidents like this down the road. :(

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I'm happy the manhunt was a success, but nothing will ever undo the deaths & injuries of so many innocent lives.


How people move on from tragedies of this magnitude, I'll never understand.

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