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Favorite Films of 2012

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The end of 2012 is almost here, and just wondering what everyone here at RAW thought of the films of 2012. What were your favorites?


1. Prometheus - This film gets a lot of flack, I don't care. I love it.

2. Lawless - Close, close second. More of a tie for first. Cave and Hillcoat are a perfect pair.

3. Dredd - My favorite comic film this year. No sorries. I had mixed feelings, and now I'm pissed it underperformed.

4. Looper - I liked the concept and the play with time travle was good. This restored my faith in Willis some.

5. Argo - Afflec is an amazing director. This is not a swipe at the film, but it is my third favorite of his, but it is still damn good.

6. The Raid - Action. This is where you will find it. It's all in The Raid.

7. Skyfall - The third act is some of the best Bond stuff ever filmed. It reminded me of Straw Dogs and Get Carter.

8. The Avengers - It was fun, they pulled it off, but I knew Joss would.

9. The Dark Knight Rises - About the same feelings as The Avengers. I knew Nolan would come through.

10. Flight - It was good, but preachy at times. All the praise of Washington I thought was off. Kelly Reilly was overlooked.

11. John Carter - Another film that took a lot of flack, but I liked it. It looked good and was fun. I have not read the books, yet.


I still plan on seeing Jack Reacher, The Hobbit and Django Unchained.

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Wow, you are on top of all this!! I barely have time to get to the movie theater! Everything I see is usually at least 1 year old. LOL


Just watched Prometheus and I like it from the standpoint of having seen all the other Alien movies. Some good "big questions" in the film, and some nice acting from Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace, and Charlize Theron doing her ice queen thing.


I want to see Skyfall and The Dark Knight Rises...and Lawless.


Saw John Carter, but not in good quality and I couldn't hear much either, but it's not as bad as all the critics say, I think.


I've heard that The Hobbit is way too long, but there are good parts - and parts that are not in the book, and parts that stray from the book...


Have you seen Savages at all? I want to see it, but haven't yet.



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I have not seen Savages yet. I've been meaning to, but from what my cousin has said about it, it is only okay. He thought Stone phoned it in. I loved the book, so I'm expecting a bit from the film, which if it's only okay, might hurt my opinion of it.

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Great list JWeb. And I share your love for Dredd. I was crushed it didn't do a lot better.


Here's my top 10 of the year:


1) The Raid - The best action film of the last ten years. A future classic.

2) Argo - Affleck just keeps getting better. The tension had me twisted in knots, even knowing how it ended.

3) Looper - A great concept executed with style and class. I Levitt! (Sorry)

4) Dredd - The hard edged adaptation the character deserved. Urban was perfect.

5) The Grey - A surprisingly moving survival drama with a great central performance. Not at all the "Liam Neeson punching wolves in the face" action movie the trailer promised, and all the better for it.

6) Killer Joe - Black comedy at it's blackest. The cast are uniformly excellent.

7) Skyfall - Not quite as great as Casino Royale, but damn close. The back to basics approach was the right call.

8 ) 21 Jump Street - Laughed my ass off. Channing Tatum rocked.

9) End of Watch - Not faultless, but still the best cop movie in years. The chemistry between Gyllenhaal and Pena is so good it makes you feel like you're watching a documentary at times.

10) The Cabin in the Woods - A cracking homage to the horror genre.

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I’m starting to see less & less movies in theaters, because the ones I want to see badly have a Limited Release. I still haven’t seen Arbitrage or Moonrise Kingdom, yet. And I saw I Melt With You on DVD this year, but I suppose it can’t count, since it’s actually a movie from 2011. But to me, it’s the most emotionally character-driven film I saw in 2012. But I’ll keep it off the 2012 list, even if it should be on mine.


Ooh...we have some in common. I had a little fun with the order. ;)



My Top 12 Movies of 2012


1) THE DARK KNIGHT RISES -- While it didn’t top TDK, I still think it’s the best movie of the year; Christian Bale is BATMAN…period (& exclamation point).

2) ARGO -- From the Director’s chair, Ben Affleck captivated me w/ this inspiring story.

3) THE THREE STOOGES MOVIE -- Chris Diamantopoulos is one of my faves, & he makes a perfect Moe. Plus, Craig Bierko as a baddie is what I likey.

4) LOOPER -- Smart time travel tale. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a young Bruce Willis believably.

5) HERE COMES THE BOOM -- Hilarious! Laughed just about non-stop. Kevin James & Henry Winkler are my new favorite comedy duo.

6) MEN IN BLACK 3 -- 1st is amazing, let’s forget the 2nd, 3rd brought back its charm.

007) SKYFALL -- 1st is amazing, let’s forget the 2nd, 3rd brought back its charm.

8) PREMIUM RUSH -- Action-packed thrills; only movie that’s ever made me excited about riding my bike.

9) WRECK IT RALPH -- Fun & creative animated tale full of surprising twists.

10) LINCOLN -- James Spader! James Spader!! James Spader!!! Where’s his nomination?

11) SAFE HOUSE -- Ryan Reynolds proved his acting abilities, & I’d be willing to let him keep me safe anytime; Denzel Washington is a master every time.

12) FRANKENWEENIE -- Black & White; sad, then uplifting (w/ only a hint of creepy) story about a boy & his best friend, a dog who gets brought back to life.

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I went to Django Unchained yesterday between Chirstmas gatherings. I would put it in my top 5 for the year, but I thought it fell a little short of my expectations. I wasn't dissapointed but it just didn't hit where I thought it was. Just a bit off center. Still, very good, and very entertaining. If you don't like blood, don't go. Bullet hits are, well, wet. Think Kill Bill, but with gunshot wounds instead of sword slices. If you get uncomfortable easy, I would probably stay away too. As entertaining and funny as it is, it does shed light on how crule people can be to others whom we feel inferior, especially when they are literally seen as objects and not human.


If you have read the script, there are some scenes that, as cruel as they were, I kind of wish they would have been left in, and the ending is slightly diffent.


I have mentioned it before, but Franco Nero is in this. His scene is in the trailers, but I found it funny when he asked Jamie to spell Django, and he says "The D is silent". Franco replies "Yeah, I know." and exits. I was the only one in the theater who chuckled. Some people just don't know what they are missing. ;)


Jamie was great as Django, Leo was pretty good as Calvin Candie, even Sam Jackson was pretty spot on and funny. But for all the attention Leo has been getting, it's Christoph Waltz who steals every scene he is in. Waltz and Tarantino's dialogue are a perfect pair. I hope Quentin keeps finding parts for him.


Overall, I like Django a bit less than Inglorious Basterds. I hope Django does for Westerns what Kill Bill did for Kung Fu films. With Magnificent Death and Sweetwater on the horizon, it would be nice to see these films (and any other Western) in the spotlight.

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In no particular order:

  • Skyfall (Killed in Imax)
  • Django Unchained
  • Dark Knight Rises
  • Prometheus
  • Argo
  • Bourne Legacy
  • The Raid
  • John Carter
  • Looper
  • The Hobbit

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didn't see as many new movies in 2012 as i wanted( i work like a dog!) top of my head skyfall, dirty laundry, avengers was fun. i'm gonna take it on the chin for this one but i loved lockout...guy pearce was a laugh as snow and nailed that type of character on the head!

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Finally saw Django Unchained last night...


I have to say another great masterpiece by Tarantino -- brutaly hilarious -- loved it and the acting was superb!!!


My fav so far for 2012

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Here's my top 10 of the year:


8 ) 21 Jump Street - Laughed my ass off. Channing Tatum rocked.



Just finished watching it. Agreed. I had no expectations, and was actually 'dreading' the scenario, but I was laughing at the TV screen for this one.




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21 Jump Street really made me laugh!


I was expecting not to like it because I thought they were going to mock the series too much (yes, fan that I was!) but it was so wryly done and genuinely, endearingly clever, I laughed out loud and loved it despite myself! ;)

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