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ScareFest Video Contest


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SCAREFEST - Horror & Paranormal Convention

Lexington, Kentucky



Hello, my RAW brothers & sisters! I need your help!


My brother Richard & I entered ScareFest’s Video Contest and are hoping to make it into the Top 5 with our promo.


At this stage in the contest, fans VOTE by clicking “LIKE” on their favorite(s).


The Top 5 videos with the most LIKEs will be chosen as finalists. Then, the ScareFest crew reviews the Top 5 videos & selects the winners.




1st Prize: 2 Weekend Passes & 2 2011 Event T-shirts

2nd Prize: 1 Weekend Pass & 1 2011 Event T-shirt

3rd Prize: 2 Saturday Passes

4th Prize: 1 Saturday Pass

5th Prize: 2011 Event T-shirt



If you have a Facebook, please WATCH & VOTE for our video. In order for the vote to count, you have to LIKE the video on this page:


Please LIKE Entry #10 at http://www.facebook.com/thescarefest!!!


Thank you!!!

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To those of you who have voted, thank you from the bottom of my heart! To those of you who haven’t, there’s still a little time left.


Some people who voted didn’t count for some odd reason. If I haven’t thanked you, chances are you didn’t make the list. Below is a better link that should work better:


Today is the FINAL day to vote!


If you have a Facebook, please go WATCH & LIKE Entry 10 at https://www.facebook...&type=2!!!


Remember: Clicking LIKE won’t cost you a dime, only a brief moment of your time. B)


Thank you!

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No Facebook for me, but I'm "Liking" you in my virtual heart! ;) Good luck with the contest!



Very sweet. Thank you so much, jayesse8!


ScareFest Video Contest Update


Our video Entry 10 did not win the contest.


Top 5


1. Entry 11: 331 Votes

2. Entry 15: 305 Votes

3. Entry 14: 226 Votes

4. Entry 05: 198 Votes

5. Entry 06: 196 Votes


6. Entry 10: 193 Votes -- Our video. Missed it by that much!


I’d love to thank sunshine, JWeber, Padre, Frottage, irish46, & Mark Hosack for liking our video! I wholeheartedly appreciate your support. :wub:



I’m overwhelmed by the amount of people who really wanted us to win. The voting process of the contest has been a learning experience. I discovered there are other groups of people besides those who care to help and those who don’t care at all. We had a handful of delightfully generous people campaigning on our behalf. Some people who didn’t have a Facebook acct. still wanted to help, so they’d spread the word and recruit family members &/or friends who do to vote. Awww…. We never had people who directly told us, “No,” but we did have many who ignored us. I was surprised by the number of individuals on Twitter who I’ve never interacted with before last week who were eager to vote for us. These kind strangers wanted us to win just as bad as we did.


Out of all the kinds of people, the most awkward category is the people who wanted to help, voted, but their votes didn’t go through properly. Then, I’d have to ask them to try, again. I’m not certain of the cause for the voting errors, but I suspect that if they were using cell phones, they might’ve had trouble as a result. Who knows? If I’m giving the same directions to everyone and some people don’t make it while the majority do, I can’t entirely blame the link. Luckily, the ones who got the message in time didn’t mind trying, again. We had a major star say “Done,” but sadly his vote didn’t go through. Then, we had another star who tried voting, couldn’t do it on his iPad, so he helped us spread the word by retweeting. Great guys.


A lot of fascinating stars voted for our Entry 10. While I won’t name every single one of them, I gotta say my heart raced when Alex Vincent clicked LIKE. :D I’m still smiling over that vote.


My goal was to reach 200 votes; we came close. However, after voting closed, we received more likes. Our current tally is 205.


If you’ve made it this far in reading, thank you. But I bet it took you longer to read this post than it would’ve taken someone to actually watch and vote for the video. ;)


Once again, to the RAW members who voted, THANK YOU!!!


Interested in seeing the list of votes? Feel free to visit here: https://www.facebook...&type=2

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I went to ScareFest last Saturday & had a blast. These people know what they’re doing as far as running a convention. Everything was well-organized. The Security handled the lines efficiently. Plus, it helped that everyone was located in the same room, since this place is an actual center for conventions. The place was crowded, but no one seemed overly bothered by it.


Cancellations come with the territory of conventions, but it always stings a bit when someone you’re dying to meet can’t make it. Clive Barker had a really good reason; he was quite ill. Malcolm McDowell couldn’t go, because he had to undergo emergency eye surgery and can’t fly for 6-8 weeks. These two lovely people kindly provided letters explaining their unfortunate situations. But they did have Get Well cards to sign for each of them. I wasn’t surprised when Jon Bernthal cancelled. It seems like he waits around for something better to come along and jumps at the chance of avoiding convention appearances. I know of at least 3 times he cancelled due to filming. I’ve attended two conventions he bowed out of, so whenever his name gets added I think, “Yeah, right.”


My family & I met a lot of cool, fascinating individuals; here are my highlights for your reading pleasure:


MICHAEL BERRYMAN - Nice, nice man. Very welcoming and funny. My mom bought his autograph, and then he took individual pictures with all of us. We didn’t even have to ask. I was wearing a pearl tie (hot item of the day), and Michael complimented it. He’s quite personal. He treads you like a person, not just a fan.


DOUG BRADLEY - 2nd time meeting Doug. Very dignified. We learned his opinions about some of the Hellraiser movies. Truly candid. My mom & brother bought his autographs (picture & DVD). He took individual pictures with all of us. Out of all of the guests, he provides the most options (various items at different prices.)


TYLER MANE - Tyler is one of the nicest people you can meet & is certainly the tallest person who I’ve ever had the pleasure of engaging with in a conversation. He could break me in half, not that he ever would. He’s incredibly sweet. I talked to him about his movie Compound Fracture. He took FREE pictures w/ us, so you know he’s there for the fans. He also liked my tie.


TONY TODD - 2nd time meeting Tony. I think he was sick with a cold. He didn’t show up at his table until later in the afternoon. We waited in line for awhile to meet him and must’ve caught him at the right moment, cause he said he was leaving in 10 minutes (guessing for a break). My brother bought his autograph. He took pics w/ all of us. My brother had brought his Candyman action figure for Tony to hold in the picture. Tony made a funny/dirty statement about it. I couldn’t believe what he said, then he kept adding to it. He made me blush. No, I’m not repeating it, but I bet you could figure it out. He complimented my tie. Tony is a very appreciative person.


CHRIS SARANDON - We had to wait the longest to meet him, but he’s so worth the wait. As soon as you shake his hand, he wants to know your name. In my household, meeting Jack Skellington is a big deal. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a classic; our VHS tape was played so much that it got worn out. We bought pictures with him ($10 each). Chris is so friendly. We chatted for a bit. I surprised him by one of my compliments. Even he liked my tie. I can’t remember a time I’ve received so many compliments for one accessory; the fact that the kind remarks are from people I admire greatly is the icing that makes the cake so delicious.


MIKO HUGHES - My oh my. Miko has grown up well. This being the 2nd time meeting him, I enjoyed it way more than the first encounter. We talked. & talked. & talked. I spent the most amount of time with him. He’s very honest about his life; he kept sharing personal things. He’s written and will be directing a short film called Glimpse. I got to learn some inside details about that. We also discussed Steve Niles’ Remains. When you talk to Miko, he gives you his undivided attention and makes eye contact the entire time.


I started the day not knowing I’d buy Miko’s autograph. But since Miko spent so much time with me, I couldn’t pass up getting a signed picture. He had a lot of pictures but only two current headshots. I took my time selecting which one I wanted. I wasn’t stalling. I really couldn’t decide (ok, stalling). As he’s signing, he accidentally smears the ink. Uh-oh! I didn’t think it was a big issue, but he insisted on signing a new one for me. We took a couple of pictures together. *sigh* Heaven.


I actually saw Miko earlier in the day. Out of all of the places in the food court, he sits by himself at a table diagonally from mine. He looked so adorable, wearing his backpack, playing with his cell phone, and eating from a lunch tray before him. I was tempted to ask him to join us, but I didn’t for many reasons. 1.) I didn’t want to make Miko move from his table with plenty of room to ours that would’ve been too tight of a space. 2.) I didn’t want to disturb his meal by invading his privacy. 3.) Hot guys make me nervous, which is why I’d need a mattress handy if I ever meet Thomas Jane; I’m pretty sure I’d faint. What can I say? Seeing Miko eat in the open caught me off guard. Surreal moment. I’m not even sure if anyone noticed his being there.


If you made it this far, thank you for reading about my exciting day!


If you’ve ever had a memorable convention experience, please do not hesitate to share it here: http://rawstudios.in...l=&fromsearch=1

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