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Tom on TV - in studios of G4's X-Play show

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Yes - 6:30pm EST in USA Tonight!!


Sorry for this short notice, but I just found this info online, that Tom will be in the studio for the X-Play show on G4.


Here are the details; hopefully the show will repeat at other days/times:


"Tune in tonight 6:30/5:30c on X-Play as we get The Punisher, Thomas Jane, in studio talking comic-book writing and game development! Full show details below:

•Face Time: Thomas Jane

The Punisher himself, Thomas Jane, is in studio talking about his forays into other entertainment realms, like writing for comic books, working on video games, and making Punisher fan films."





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I caught the show when I got home,..i thought tom did an awesome job of drumming up excitement for the Convict character and the possibiltie's of fan's having input in the game's development process..Well done Tom..The Spider model was pretty cool..Alas Morgan Webb she's a tough nut too crack..:)

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You were great...love your dry sense of humour (Ron doesn't even know) lol... and that laugh of yours!


Not too shabby there.. playing the original super mario bros...you killed it ;)


No kiss in the end...oh well too bad so sad for her... I guess there's a first for everything ... :(

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Guest AdminGuyX

That was great! It's always nice to see Bad Planet get some exposure, and to see it treated well visually. I like the art they used for the studio and the time given to the death spiders! Too often I feel like Bad Planet is the best kept secret in comics!


I know a guy who dated Morgan Webb back in the day. He says you didn't miss anything special. ;)

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Tom's reaction while playing Mario Bros... lol.


And no matter what, I can't bring myself to not hate Morgan Webb. Ugh.

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