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Underemployed Comicker?

Lord Dubu

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I just got this crazy idea.


I'm sure there are others out there like me... people who want to be in comics. But are at the moment trapped in some other industry. Let's hijack the term "Underemployed" and shoe-horn it to mean just that... you're not doing what providence put you on earth to do... you're doing something else.


So here's my idea.


Let's raid the supply closet and make a comic using only the tools at work. So a page a day, 5 days a week. The caveat is that you must not be a professional that normally does what your role on the comic is.


For example... I'm going to draw it. I'm a software developer. If I was an illustrator however... well then that would contradict the concept.


So I need a writer who isn't employed as a writer.

Maybe a colorist who has access to coloring tools but doesn't use them to color for a living etc.


Got the concept? Email me if you're interested. Tell me what your real job is, what tools you have access to and what you'd like to do on the comic.


Obviously we're not making money on this... we're just wasting time at work in a passive aggressive protest of our own corporate hells.

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