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Hello RAW, thanks for the opportunity to showcase some of my original works

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Hi everyone, RAW meat here, I've been having a bit of trouble posting stuff but hopefully this one does the trick.

Great stuff in this thread and its an honor to be able to show some of my works to you guys.


These are some original painted pages from my indie book "Ross Wellington". It's an indie Sci Fi/Crime Noir/Horror book

and I thought the RAW members might appreciate the story. If you dig what you see you can read the book for free on our site



beyond that you can find some more of my randomn works/sculptures/halloween costumes here - http://imgur.com/a/vIwYU


I hope you guys enjoy. regards,













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well, thanky. and here is some good girl/bad girl art from the book as well for you to enjoy. this was a small valentines day card i did for our readers this year.

also one of our comic con flyers featuring the lovely camilla rose.




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thanks a bunch. the only hard copies we have are the ones we printed to submit to publishers. while we did receive great reviews from each

of them unfortunately they all say this book doesn't fit their company's profile. so we just said screw it and released it digitally for free. i know it's

not the most ideal method of viewing comics but for now it's out most economical solution. thanks again for checking it out.

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thanks again. while i like the idea of selling the book and getting some form of pay for all the time i put into it, i just feel like asking people to gamble on an unknown writer/artist would limit our readership and that's definitely not what we want. and in my opinion that small amount of money wouldn't be worth the limitation of readers. but for now i decided to hit pause on the book after issue 4 because without a publisher i just don't have the time anymore outside of my professional career to produce an entire series for free but someday it would be nice to wrap up the final 8 issues. until then i have several other projects in the works that i can't wait to release.

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I read the first issue of Ross Wellington. This series is really interesting. Impressive work -- I love it! :D


I think releasing content, such as comics, online to be viewed for free is an excellent strategy. I know an artist & writer who do the same thing; I believe they do it for the same reasons as you. It just makes more sense to want to reach a wider audience anyway possible, and I hope you do. Well, you just gained me as a fan.


I look forward to reading more about Ross (great character) & the others.

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hey thank you very much. would love to hear back from you & your thoughts on the series after you finish the issues. thanks again.



My pleasure. I finished reading the series. I really love it! Ross is my favorite character. He's intelligent and kind; he keeps remembering people, which certainly strikes up my interest. But the other characters are interesting, as well. That Vitucci is a bad man; he makes me nervous. I wouldn't enjoy dinner with the man, even without a gun on the table. I was surprised to see Hector turn up and then get lost, again. Poor Ross. He can’t keep track of everyone when he’s busy getting knocked out by someone.


I don’t understand how Milena can care for Hank. His drunkenness isn’t a reason to beat on her. I suspected her being entangled in a risky profession. She should’ve left with Ross.


I love the images of the train; I especially love when you see Ross’s silhouette as he’s trying to make the train and there’s that flash of light. I also love when any image is B & W with a highlight of light blue.


It’s a shame Ross didn’t get to meet up with Camilla. His love for her is endearing.


Talk about a cliffhanger! Thank you for the explanation at the end! I’ll be waiting for those other 8 issues.


Feel free to take your time, and make the Ross Wellington series the way you want.


Keep us posted.


Best of luck! :)

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wow. thank you very much for your words. it's quite rare that we actually hear feedback from readers and it really means the world to me and the co creator mark. we have been discussing the best route forward for the rest of the series because we think it's one hell of a ride for the last 8 issues.


thanks again for your review and please pass the word on to anyone you think would enjoy the book.





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