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Raw Studios releases it's first ep with RUSTY BLADES!

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Took Rusty Blades to the beach the other day and it was delightful, both the beach and the music. "New Valentine" is a song that keeps playing in my head and I sometimes find myself singing it outloud. It's beautiful! "Just Can't Win" is a song eveyone can relate to, I like it. "Building the Walls" is okay, not one of my favotites. "Secondface is intense and the words, "and you undermine the heart and break the soul in two, who do you think you're kidding now" are profound, I look forward to hearing that line for some reason. "Rebecca's Song" Is great as well, Love it. Looking forward to hearing more.

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I have to say, Tom is a man of his word. Not that I doubted it. It's just that he has sooo much on his plate. He'd agreed to do an interview with me for the music site Delusions Of Adequacy, where I write, and lo and behold, he's delivered with a straight-shootin' interview about the Rusty Blades person(a). Tom went down some interesting byways in the interview, talking about love and AMDFASH.


Here's the direct link to it. Feel free to plaster it around the internet so it gets lots o' views:


"Best known for starring in The Punisher and HBO’s Hung, the actor/director/RAW Studios media company owner opens up about his new venture as music producer of Rusty Blades EP."




Huge thanks to Tom, the man, for being willing to put up with my questioning. ;) I really appreciate it, Tom.


I think it's cool too to have this interview up at a music site. I mean, I know the focus is on the Rusty Blades EP, but it's a nice cross-link between music, movies/TV, etc...


Enjoy the interview! :D



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this shit is great! very dylan/the boss/cohan...will there be a return of rusty blades? just a thought...you guys are so great with the involment of the fans...any chance of a lyric writing contest?

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