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Rogue Angel

Tim Bradstreet

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For 21 years I've made a living out of drawing badass MALE protagonists, starting in RPG's with "Shadowrun" and "Vampire", then in comics with "The Retaliator", Hard Looks", Unknown Soldier, all the way to The Punisher.

Hey, don't get me wrong, that stuff is incredibly fun to do and it's always been a way for me to vicariously live through those characters. Occasionally I get to do FEMALE protagonists, did a lot more back in the days of Vampire. But I've always primarily been known as one of the go to guys for hardasses. I've said in the past that "someday someone is going to realize that I also do the ladies pretty well and give me a crack at something".


Well that day has finally come. And it's come in the form of "Rogue Angel" - AKA, Annja Creed.

Rogue Angel is an ongoing series of novels written by Alex Archer, and published bi-monthly by Gold Eagle.

You can learn way more about her than I could briefly explain here by checking out the Wikipedia page -


- or by surfing over to Amazon and checking out some reviews and book descriptions -


I'm taking over the series as of book 9 - "Rogue Angel: Warrior Spirit"

Prior to me coming on board the covers were executed by pal Chad Ward.


Here are direct links to the first two books featuring my covers -




I just finished the cover for book 14 so I'm a little ahead of the publishing schedule.

I'm having a crazy good time drawing a badass female on a regular basis. Hopefully it shows.

Another cool thing is that I get to work with a great Art Director, Blake Morrow.

Blake is one of those guys who directs but also allows me breathing room to bring my own sensibilities to the work.

I feel like I have a perfect amount of freedom to execute these things and make them feel like their mine.

We have a great model, Chrisanne, whom Chad recruited when he began his run. She's the face of Annja Creed and it's cool that we can keep that continuity going with my run.

I'm anxious to see what folks think about this stuff. Don't be shy, your feedback is welcome.


Rogue Angel Book 9: Warrior Spirit




Rogue Angel Book 10: Serpent's Kiss



Thanks - TB

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Check out Gold Eagle's blogspot to read an excerpt from Rogue Angel: Serpent's Kiss!



Scroll down the page and learn about Gold Eagle and IDW partnering up to bring Rogue Angel and Mack Bolan to comics!

Yes, there is preview artwork on display.


- TB

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Guest AdminGuyX

I really like the dirty "watercolor" vibe you're giving the covers. That models looks like an actress, is she an actress?? She looks really familiar.


Oh yeah, your work is brilliant, bla, bla, bla. ;)


Hey are those digital colors on book 9? The work on her face is so subtle, and well perfect for lack of less cliched word, I'd love to know how that was done.


Manoman. I'd kill to draw some Mack Bolan comics!!! Pun intended. har har. Guess I need to get a submission off to 'em.




Thanks Tim!



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