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Sequential work . . .

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Guest AdminGuyX

Tim, I was wondering if you had any plans to add any sequential work to the pages of a future RAW book. Maybe an anthology title with 2 or 3 stories in it?


I know you take a long time to finish your work, and that generally prohibits you from doing interior pages, but I also know you've done sequential work before, and it was really quite good.


I for one would love to see you do some, and I'd also love to see work you've done without photo ref.




Your convention sketches are so cool, loose, and fun, have you ever considered doing a book in that style?


In the meantime, I'll just keep hoping that when Red Sky hits print, you will be at least inking the (Jae Lee pencilled) pages!



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That would be very cool. Love to get Jae Lee in there.

What I'd love to try and do is rewrite some of the story to allow for sequences that I would do myself.

The flashbacks are too big but perhaps there is some way to drop me into the storyline in places, or to do bookends and a ton of illustration. One thing is for sure. I'll be involved solo as well as maybe doing inks.

- Tb

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Guest AdminGuyX

Cool. Happy as a clam to know you're thinking about doing more sequential work!! And if it's for Red Sky Diary, well that just makes me look forward to it even more! Here's to hoping it's maybe you're next project! ;)


Yeah, I find myself flipping through The Gunslinger comics just to look at more of Jae's work. The other artist who worked on it, Richard Isanove, is a kick ass artists in his own right, and man did he ever bring the life out of Jae's pencils. Stunning ain't even close to a good word for describing it.



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