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Thanks TL, I hope they can get the HULK right this time. They got to lose the cartoony look of the CGI Hulk.


I think Norton will be a Bruce Banner with attitude...I hope. And I agree Jenny Connely is awsome and will be missed. Nothing against Liv Tyler but she is not at all right for this role.

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Here are a few more reveals from the second Hulk movie:


Edward Norton on location as Bruce Banner...






William Hurt on location as General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross...





Tim Roth on location as Emil Blonsky...




Edward Norton and Tim Roth on location in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil...




I really like the fact that Norton actually wrote a part of the script in the very end of pre-pro.


That may bring some hope to this failed MARVEL film franchise.



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I got to see this trailer at the doomsday showing today...it looks so cool on the big screen. i was not looking foreward to this movie until I saw the trailer today, now, i can't wait.

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Here are some cool shots and rundowns of all the characters in this Summer's The Incredible Hulk.


Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) is desperately searching for a cure to his condition...




General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross (William Hurt) feels his condition is something the Army can use...




Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth) one of Ross' best operatives, wants Banner's power...




Betty Ross (Liv Tyler) the General's daughter, still hasn't given up on Banner and believes there is hope for him...




Blonsky obtains Banner's curse and becomes an abomination...




Banner determines that only his curse can battle Blonsky...




The Abomination is ready for a fight...




But so is The Hulk...




This summer, the Incredible will collide...











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Guest FADoss

I can't really see the Nathan Fillion thing. I mean Ed Norton...and Robert Downy Jr....heck Nathan Fillion doesn't even fall into that category.


To keep up with those guys you need a Brad Pitt or a Matt Damon or MAYBE Matt Damon, otherwise it's wow...wow...and who the fuck is this guy?



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Or you could look at it like -


Ed Norton - Exceptional talent with a career that sorely needs a hit.


Robert Downey Jr. - Always good, amazing even, but Brad Pitt territory? While I think he's a better actor, he's never had the box office to go toe to toe with the pedigrees you refer to until Iron Man.


Nathan Fillion - Fan favorite, riding a nice wave, on the doorstep of stardom. Just needs the right vehicle and Captain America could be it.


Robert Downey Jr. and Ed Norton are not opening these films. The characters are.


Who was Hugh Jackman before X-Men?



Fillion at least has a worthy resume.

I see your point but do not necessarily agree with it.


- TB



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Here's hoping that the new film will stand tall at the box office.

I really love that Edward Norton took this role (though sorry to see Bana go).

I'm not in love with the idea of the Abomination, though the CG looks pretty nice.

Still, the kids should love it with a big mano a mano battle in the streets between two titanic monsters.

I have a feeling I'll like all but the ending battle but I'm prepared to be surprised.


This is the kind of action that should lay waste to the city and make Godzilla look like a silly giant dino-lizard by comparison.

Sacrilege? Who cares. It's The Hulk VS The Abomination. Isn't this the whole point of technology finally getting far enough to bring these creatures to life on screen?


If this movie meets success then I'd love to see an adaptation of Azzarello and Corben's "Banner".


Good luck to The Hulk on Friday The 13th!


- TB


Please dear members, let us know what you thought of the film and be careful to add spoiler alerts.

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You know, I thought Hurt kinda looked like Ted Levine in some photos. And then I thought what if they actually got Levine to be Ross, how different his character could've been.


Levine could grow that mustache inside of a week. I just know it!

Hurt looks like he's wearing a falsie.


- tb


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