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Anyone watching the NBC TV show, Grimm?


I have to say I am enjoying it very much.


I find the characters interesting and engaging - and the depiction of Grimm tales not so matchy-matchy exact to the fables but just derived enough to be plausible in a modern world.


I have a soft-spot for Silas Weir Mitchell's work, so I enjoy the main character's reliance upon his character of Monroe - but Nick (the main character) also has a good connection with his "secular" cop partner - he definitely needs both to triumph and survive.


Check it out! ;)

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I watch it here and there and enjoy it for the most part. Although the lore is completely different, I still dig Supernatural more than this.

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I haven't watched it yet, but I'll be watching the 'Plumed Serpent' episode (next week?) because actress Danielle Panabaker is supposed to be guest-starring in that episode.


Actually, I may have recorded an episode of Grimm a while back, but I didn't have time to really watch it and I just breezed through it, so I don't really have any impressions, other than I don't think I recognized any of the performers. LOL


I'll let you know what I think of that upcoming episode once I see it.

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I love Grimm! It features many colorful characters & great make-up & visual FX. I’ve seen every episode; it keeps getting better and better. My favorite character is Silas Weir Mitchell’s Monroe. He’s really funny; it’s a great part for him. & now I can stop calling him “Crazy Eyes” (maybe). ;)


Titus Welliver’s episode was last night; it’s always a bonus to see him.

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Hey gang!


Irish, the one time I tried to watch Supernatural was the night they evoked every one of those terror-inducing campfire or 'tween slumber party urban legends! I ran screaming for the remote control - I got so spooked so fast!!! :lol: Show is not for me, but mad respect for it!


Jen, like you, I have to know/dig the cast to give it a try - I tend to watch things from a "sympathy for the actor / character" perspective, and I've been known to fast forward free-movie weekends for certain! ;) "Three Coins in the Fuchsbau" gets into some cool history, so maybe see a rerun if you didn't watch last night.


Indie, my girl!!! Silas, Titus; Titus, Silas - I was one happy Grimm watcher last night. Plus, it IS getting better every week - that was a really good ep delving into the early lore. Also, do you have any idea if the producers/writers are Greek by chance (Thania St. John, Jim Kouf)? I've never heard more Greek names for side characters and Greek shout-outs in a Germanic lore show - or any show, for that matter - just digging it and wondering about that :)


Cheers all, have a good weekend!

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I don’t know if anyone working on Grimm is Greek or has any Greek ancestors; it’s possible. It’s great seeing the friendship between Nick & Monroe strengthen as time goes on. That Capt. Renard is connected to a lot of baddies; he’d kill anyone who gets in his way.


I’m waiting for Sean Hayes to make an appearance. B)

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This show doesn’t seem like one Sean Hayes would be involved with, which makes it a great fit for him. I love when actors leave their comfort zones and pursue something different.



Plumed Serpent: The stakes were heating up (literally) for Nick in this ep as he had to rescue his girl Juliette from fire-breathing dragons. Monroe met Juliette! I couldn’t help but notice her being cautious of him even after he saved her. What’s that about? Maybe Juliette senses Monroe’s more than just a regular man, because she’s more than just a regular woman. It’d be perfect for Nick to be in a relationship w/ some kind of creature, one he can’t even detect.


I didn’t think that the Dragon Girl actually died. Nick left her by herself too quickly. She’ll be back.

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Hey all - I saw the episode and have a few comments. Sorry if it's all a bit random and I don't know character names - oh, and there might be spoilers (and there will be blood...well, no, not really...) for the Plumed (I wrote Plumped at first!) Serpent.


I thought this episode was pretty entertaining. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to understand or get into the mythology presented, but, hey, knights and dragons and a damsel in distress are straightforward enough for me.


I liked the rapport between the main Grimm guy and Monroe (I've seen that actor a lot before, but I don't know in what).


The first quarter was too "police procedural" for me, but then it gained momentum with Danielle Panabaker guest starring as the fire dancer.


The ending was waaay too rushed!! I mean, the Grimm guys barrels out of the tunnel, a fireball behind him, and in the next second he's casually dusted off by his GF and saying he's fine...


I thought it was odd that they didn't kill off Danielle Panabaker's character. I guess it's unsettling to know she could be lurking around. I really wonder if they'll get her to return to this role. It would be a cool idea!


Okay, that's all I got. Not sure if I'll continue watching though... I'm not hooked by just 1 episode; maybe I don't feel a totally pull with any of the characters... Oh, well!



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Hey, Jen! You gave the show a chance, & that's all that matters. I'm glad you were able to follow along w/ it.


Silas Weir Mitchell, Monroe, has been in many things, so you most likely have seen him in something. He's mainly known for 24, Prison Break, & My Name Is Earl.


Great news! Grimm has been renewed for a 2nd season!!! http://insidetv.ew.c...c-renews-grimm/ Yay! :D

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I enjoyed the Plum(b)ed ;) Serpent as well, but it did end sort of abruptly, like they had too much to squeeze in with Danielle and Monroe meets Juliette, etc. Cool that the Serpent was really after the Grimm ... two weeks of re-runs, so looking forward to this Friday's new ep. Yay for renewal!!!

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Island of Dreams: Creatures on drugs -- crazy!


Okay. If someone I don’t completely know gave me a basket of cookies at night, I wouldn’t eat them. And if a nervous man dropped off a pie that someone insists I eat, I wouldn’t eat it. :huh: Even if these treats look delicious!


Awww…Monroe likes Rosalee. This guy deserves some happiness in his chaotic life.


Poor Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee). He finally gets to play a bigger part in a case, & his eating Hank’s cookie causes his face to...boil…and…ummm…melt? :blink: Yuck!


So, where did Juliette learn to shoot? Hmmm...there's something peculiar about that girl.

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Exactly! - Why are we devouring food from strangers?!? Did you notice the overhead shot of the cut pie? Was that an ominous screen fill or what? I wonder what might actually be in it ...


Poor Sgt. Wu indeed - ugh, wasn't he then eating sofa cushion ... blech ... and yes, curiouser and curiouser with that Juliette, something dormant this way comes.


Yay Monroe has a "girlfriend"!!! But she should know better than to wake him up like that - announce yourself first lady ;)


More fun this week - cheers!

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They did make that pie look awfully ominous. Maybe it’ll effect them after awhile. OR maybe there’s nothing wrong with that pie, but there’s more where that came from.



The Thing With Feathers: Yuck! This episode is the grossest one, I’d say. First, we see the “cat” blend worms -- Fear Factor moment! & the bird doesn’t want to eat the food willingly, so he forces it down her throat using a food tube. Disgusting!


So, Hank is now Adalind’s stalker--creepy. I’m really curious to see how it ends between them.


Awww…Nick plans to propose. Juliette turns him down? Such a shame. Would she have said “Yes” had she known the stuff Nick’s really going through? It doesn’t matter, because the abusive cat’s anger towards the bird creates a distraction. This is why people shouldn’t stay in cabins in woods. Romance dies pretty quickly when there’s a domestic disturbance next door. Why does it feel like the local police/chief/sheriff is always in on the devious plot by a bad guy? Possibly because if you can't trust them, then you can't trust anyone.


But the sick fun doesn’t end w/ blended worms. There’s a golden (fragile) egg in the yellow bird’s throat, which needs to be removed by cutting into her throat. Yikes! It’s a good thing Nick has a strong stomach. I didn’t like seeing it in her; I didn’t like seeing it come out. I cringed. Of course, this only means the show’s doing it’s job. ;)


I love when the golden egg breaks; that just looked so beautiful. Plus, the cat man deserved it.


It’s still cute seeing Monroe & Rosalee’s relationship blossom. They’re the couple on the show I’m rooting for the most.


Okay. When Nick is removing the golden egg from the bird's throat, he's using his cell phone to show Monroe & Rosalee what's going on. Ummm...how is he holding the phone & where does it go? It's there, then it's gone. :blink: Something's missing.


6 more shows in a row -- Yeah, baby! B)

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Love Sick: That Captain Renard is a bad one. He proved he’s not going to be a puppet by killing those men. Then, he tampers with the evidence. Not his smartest move, because a used phone with a new SIM card has to be a red flag that can’t be ignored.


Even though Sgt. Wu was eating everything in sight, including chap stick and a rug, I’d still say that Hank was the one acting more goofy. :P He doesn’t tell Nick who he’s been dating; he makes him find out on the double date. Some friend. :rolleyes: I hope Hank gets back to being normal; whipped Hank is annoying.


The fight between Nick & Adalind is cool. She bites him and now she’s…normal. I thought it’d be a fight to the death. I guess the writers want to keep her around, but for what purpose? Since Adalind’s useless to Captain Renard and her own mother (who look like an item), does that mean she’s going to become good and assist Nick? She knows too much, so they can’t let her live much longer.


Monroe cracks me up. “Booga booga.” :lol: Rosalee looks at him; Monroe looks at her. It’s adorable. I really like the addition of Rosalee to the group. She’s already proven she comes in handy.

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I thought Juliette's look to Nick upon turning down the proposal was really strange - especially since she actually seems to know how to fire a gun. What is she, a latent Grimm or something? - she's not a vessen, or we would have seen morphing by now or Monroe sensing something, I think.


Poor Wu! Why did it take the apothecary to connect "potion meant for someone else" and not the Det. Nick who knows his partner is dating a she-beast?! That kind of annoyed me logically but I'm always happy for more Monroe + Rosalee interaction.


Now that Adalind is normal, she could actually have a real relationship with Hank (if spiteful Mom/Renard don't kill her - perhaps her fate as normal is punishment enough) - I thought it was kind of hot, the whole conversion thing - I wasn't sure who was biting whom at first but it was good to see the Grimm becoming increasingly aggressive and in-charge instead of tentative and puzzled by his new world.


That's true isn't it: Never trust the law in a small town! Everyone is related to, or knows everyone else for years!

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I wish I knew what Juliette is; she has to be something, right?


I was also confused as to who was doing the biting during the Nick/Adalind bloody fight.




Cat and Mouse: There’s a creature bounty hunter out killing lots of creatures and Rosalee alongside Monroe is helping the man being hunted. Spectacular!


And with Adalind out of the picture, Hank has to be mostly absent, too? C’mon. The man deserves a better storyline than being “drugged” to love. At least, Sgt. Wu is working.


Nick choosing to look after his friends by letting Harmon go proves he’s more than just a cop. I haven’t seen Neil Hopkins since LOST, so it was great to see him in a different role.


Capt. Renard is sneaky and bad, but he’s no fool.


I love when the characters morph into creatures; this episode had a lot of that going on.


4 more to go! :D

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Leave It to Beavers: Yes! Nick is finally getting into using unique weapons, and he’s quite good. Since some creatures are enjoying the pepper spray, then it’s smart to come fully equipped with a stronger device.


Monroe acts like such a gentleman as Nick and Juliette’s dinner guest. It’s funny to see Monroe & Nick go back-and-forth between each other about the boots and cabin. :lol: They planned a simple story, but Juliette had to keep asking questions. Who’s the detective at that table?


Those trolls are ugly & mean. I like the beavers; they’re surprisingly helpful, except when it comes to sending a message. At least, they sent fruit. The Grimm Reapers are out for blood, but Nick can handle himself pretty well. The Reapers come off as intimidating, yet the fight between two of them and Nick ended quickly.


This episode offered more of a humor side than a dark side, and then bam! --> Two decapitated heads in a box! Two heads are better than one. ;)

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Monroe and Nick were hilariously doofy at dinner - great contrast to how cool they are when Grimming it.


Naughty Monroe swinging the scythe! He suggests quite a sordid bad-wolf past ;) That was a nice touch that Nick didn't actually behead anyone - he shouldn't go from cop to killer in one fell swoop.


Glad Hank is still around - he has a wonderfully buttery vocal tone - especially when he knows someone is lying, "Well, thank you for your time ..."


Ah the Beavers! Adorably mustering up their courage - love the industrious bounty of gifts!


I also dig how it's "tradition" to pay the trolls for use of bridges and the beavers building of them - that little modern tip to the lore.


Makes me remember the Gap Troll on MadTV and smile. :)


Sadly, only a few eps left to go ...

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Yes, Nick needs to remember cops should follow rules, too. Let Monroe do all the really dirty work. I'd be happy for the writers to dig more deeply into Monroe's past as a bad wolf.



Happily Ever Aftermath: You’ve got your stepmother, stepsisters, & a ball (mentioned). It sounds like the classic Cinderella tale, but it’s very different from it. Surprisingly, Lucinda is not on her hands & knees cleaning the floors. Instead, she acts ditsy (didn’t like this quality) and kills those who stand in her way of inheriting a fortune.


She kills by turning into a bat and screeching. I thought we’d see mice somewhere. But no. It’s bats. Ugly bats. Good thing Nick has a device which prevents the bat’s screech from popping eyeballs. It’s exciting to see Monroe get so excited about helping Nick. He’s helping him crank even though the sound has an effect on him.


Lucinda's "Prince Charming is someone she says she doesn’t truly love. It’s a little weird how they chose to write him out. I would’ve had him be more involved with the killings.


Lucinda doesn’t have a godmother that prettifies her up to attend a ball. It’s nice she has a godfather who has spent his life protecting her until it’s gotten so out of hand that he now must take her life. :blink: She takes his, too. Nick should’ve known better than to allow Spencer to be left alone in the interrogation room. I had a feeling he’d escape through the window.


Nick’s nightmare leads him to wanting to reexamine the case of his parents’ car crash, which seems to be murder. Now, he has more questions. Poor Nick.


Yay! Hank’s working with Nick, again. Good for him. But I still love the dynamic between Nick & Monroe more.


I hope Capt. Renard plays a bigger part in the final episodes; he's barely in this one.


2 left!

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Good points, Indie! I'm loving it but I'm also feeling a little overwhelmed because Grimm seems to jam more content into each episode than some shows do per season! It's at least a 3-to-1 ratio - Whew! I don't know what I'll do during hiatus! ;) Total withdrawals.

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The writers do give us a lot of plot points to keep up with. I don’t know if reopening Nick’s parents’ case should’ve happened this close to the end of the first season. They should’ve saved it for the next season. This is a show where we get to see the main character Nick’s personal life/professional life/secret personal life/secret professional life. It’s definitely interesting.



Big Feet: Larry? :lol:


A horrible attack occurs & Juliette’s the first on the scene. While she’s there, she secretly collects a hair sample. She doesn’t even tell her love Nick. :huh: Odd.


I love how Monroe work up sniffing his surroundings. I thought he was in danger. His pal Larry’s stuck being a beast, which I didn’t know to being even possible. When Larry pulls out the “drug pump” (yuck) I couldn’t tell what it was exactly, but I had a feeling it was controlling him and causing him to harm others.


The psychiatrist Brinkerhof/Big Foot wanted to control others, when he couldn’t even fight his own urges. He acted as though he had everything together. I don’t care for him too well. I’m glad he’s not a part of the bigger picture. Monroe isn’t a fan of therapy and doesn’t want to examine his childhood; he knows what he did is wrong. :P


Hank sure has a lot to deal with. First, he runs into Monroe in wolf form; it’s a good thing he didn’t recognize him. Then, he sees Big Foot transform into a man. Whoa! Instead of explaining the unbelievable, Nick lets Hank feel as though he’s crazy. It’s a lot to take in, but this felt like the window of opportunity for Nick to have a serious talk with Hank. They’re friends and partners; Nick can’t keep this secret from Hank for too much longer. Or can he?


This episode provided us with many Monroe moments, which I always love. Keep ’em coming, Grimm. ;)


Juliette’s reaction to her findings about a man/animal was a little too oddly accepted. Maybe all of those stories are true. Big Foot’s real, so they must all be. How did she automatically jump to this conclusion? Who says that? :blink: Is she joking?


I can’t wait to see how Grimm finishes out the season. Only one more!

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Woman in Black: Hank’s having recurring nightmares about Monroe in Blutbad mode, and Nick doesn’t explain anything to him. What a partner! Juliette gets scratched by Adalind’s cat, so Nick tells her about EVERYTHING. <_< She doesn’t believe a word of it. Really? Isn’t she the same one who claimed that the real existence of Big Foot meant all of those stories are real? I understand how hearing about Nick’s Grimm secret all at once for the first time is overwhelming, but freaking out about it didn’t fit Juliette’s character.


There is too much Juliette in this episode. I don’t like her. Bitsie Tulloch (Juliette) is bad at reacting; it‘s hard to take her seriously. I felt sorry for Nick. He’s describing & trying his best to explain everything, making it all sound normal, and Juliette’s like “Whatever,” then, “You’re scaring me!” :rolleyes:


I’m happy Monroe appears early in this one. Not only does Monroe constantly save Nick when he’s in trouble, he also saves the show. I’m always smiling whenever he pops up. Yay! Rosalee & Monroe work together, again. :P I love when Monroe transforms to help Nick convince Juliette about the truth. Then, she passes out. I thought she’d wake up later in the hospital and forget all the info Nick unloaded on her. I’m not sure what woke up when “Juliette’s” eyes open. :blink:


My other favorite character Capt. Renard didn’t have enough screen time. We see him get attacked and the aftermath of the attack. It would’ve been nice to have seen the whole fight. Man, that Kimura moves quickly, kills often, and always leaves a mess. I do like the ongoing storyline involving the coins. I wish it had been the majority of focus for this finale.


Nick - “Mom?” Whoa! *jaw dropped* I had no idea who that cougar-like woman would turn out being. Thanks for this shocker, Grimm! :D


I’m glad not every problem got resolved and that we’re left with more questions (What’s wrong with the yellow-tongued cat? What/Who is Juliette? Will Hank ever know the truth? Why did Nick’s Mom fake her death? Where’s Nick’s Dad? Who has those gold coins?) than answers.


Overall, I’d say the first season of Grimm is a wild, interesting, amusing, action-packed, creature-jammed, thrilling ride.


Other SHOCKER of the evening - SEASON TWO starts at the end of the summer!


Luckily, we won’t have to wait that long to see more Grimm after all. B)

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Hey Indie! I'm late to the Grimm season finale party - I thought I might watch it again before posting but I haven't managed. Seems like Season 2 will be upon us before we know it, though, so that's good.


I loved the cameo / "stunt-casting" of the Cloaked Woman. The moment she helped Nick I figured it was his Mama. Faked her death to lose whoever was after her and the coins, I bet. (By the way, Nick has them, the coins - the last I saw, at the end of Fuchsbau, he got them from Titus, put them in the lead small box, then stowed them deep behind one of those foot locker wooden cabinets. Did they go missing in the finale? I'll have to watch again for sure, then.)


I feel so badly for Hank! HE's the one who needs to know all things Grimm far more than Juliette does. If Nick wants to save his friend and partner's sanity, he better fill him in pronto!


Always love me some Monroe - and with his Rosalee. Sgt. Wu - his Twitter actually says "First Name: Sargeant, Last Name: Wu" - cracks me up. Capt. Renard, the actor, is delish in my book ;) but I can't figure out his deal on the show: is he vessen (i.e., some kind latent creature) or just something else?


Was not expecting anything with Adalinde and that poor cat, that was a suprise turn. I guess she still has witchly abilities or at the very least "know how."


I try to discipline myself not to "hate the pretty" ;) but Juliette did bother me the most in this episode and has bothered me before ... I think I just have no patience for their sometimes sappy co-habitation issues. And you're right, she made the huge logic leap previously, then becomes the "I'm frightened; hold me!" engenue suddenly.


Evidently, love me the Grimm!!! Thanks for sharing it with me this season - I look forward to Season 2.

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You’re right! Nick does have the coins. I completely forgot that he stashed them. I saw that episode, again when it was a rerun recently.


The idea of characters faking deaths is a little too cliché for me, so I’m hoping Grimm will put an original spin on it.


Hank needing to know: Exactly! How’s he going to be able to function as a useful partner if he’s consumed with coping with his issues of what he’s seen & has no idea about? Imagine the crimes that could be solved if only Hank could be let into the loop.


You’re not alone in finding Capt. Renard (Sasha Roiz) attractive. I’m so drawn to this guy; I can’t help myself. ;) I don’t know what Renard is for sure, either. Maybe that’s something they’ll address in season two. Awhile back, I asked Sasha a question on Twitter, and he responded with a great answer. :lol:


Me: Hey, Sasha! When you 1st found out that #Grimm got renewed for a 2nd season, what'd you do?

SR: I cried like a little girl.Then I got a hold of myself & cried like a man.


I’ve given Juliette plenty of chances. I’d prefer her being kept in the dark instead of being brought to the center of the focus. There’s always one annoying character on a show; on Grimm, it’s her.


It’s been my pleasure to dissect the happenings/events on Grimm with you, jayesse. Looking forward to reviewing Season 2, too. B)

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