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Just realised I'v been occasionally posting, lurking and whatnot for some time and I don't think I've ever posted my work, so I'm just gonna grab a fistful of stuff and dump it here:


An alternate cover for IDW's Spike: Asylum



I draw an Zombie to begin every year -- this is one. . .



And this is another



Dale Keown's Pitt.




Art for the Transmetropolitan Art Book



Cthulhu commission





Development art for my long-form adaptation of The Shadow Over Innsmouth


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November 1st was International Self-Portrait Day (it's hosted at conceptart.org)


Here are my results:

Pencil drawing:



Painting in Photoshop:



I lifted my palette for this from a few Drew Struzan pieces. Also, I normally use Photoshop and Painter for painting digitally, but I found out about Painter X's memory bug Thursday night.

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wow i am blown away! thanks for sharing...can't wait to see more.

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great! like to hear more of your project! maybe we can talk about ideas sometime...

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