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By Bizarre Hands & Suckerfish reading

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The Hess Express arrived at my apartment around 3:00 PM. And it dropped me off after an evening of adventure at about 4:30 AM!


Kudos to Tom, Damian, Kaitlin, Kasey and Co. for putting the event together on short notice and making it an entertaining evening. And thanks to Tom for upping the stakes so that we weren't just watching a bunch of actors sit on a stage and read a script. This was definitely a "staged" reading.


Damian, Brian and I bonded over our love and appreciation for the great Clu Gulager and his "living room" as Clu calls it, The New Beverly Cinema.


Thanks also to David Schow and Carrie for hosting the after after party.


Also of note, celebrity sighting of Sean Young at Mel's Drive-In at 1:00 AM! I spotted her on the way to the men's room and she looked amazing. Tim and Mike made the men's room walk to get a look at her. I tried to get Tim to approach her and say, "I loved you as Catwoman!" But I didn't have enough cash and Mel's doesn't have enough booze to convince Tim. We should have sent her a cocktail! (Man, I'm a horrible person. And I'm even a fan of Ms. Young!)


As always, a great time hanging out with Tim and Mike and Tom and the rest of the gang, most of who were new to me.


And if you ever run into the lovely Kasey Lansdale, you must ask her, "Are you eating again?" And feel free to blame it on me, at least peripherally...

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Fun event.

Hess came and grabbed me and like Brian said, we got to his place around 3pm (after passing it once).

We sat around Brian's talking movies, and trading stories about a clueless dude we know. Then I touched base with my pal David Schow to see if he was going to be meeting us out at the shindig, which he did, along with his lady, Kerry.

Tried to Get Bernie and Liz Wrightson out too but they were already wrapped up with family.


We (Mike, Brian, and I) decided to light-out towards Hollywood around 5pm and possibly hit Amoeba Records etc, but by the time we got down there it was a clusterfuck in Hollyweird and parking was for shit, so since it was close to the time TJ would be finished rehearsing his actors we decided to forgo the Amoeba hit and headed over to the Steve Allen Theater.

We spotted Tom's car in the lot and parked next to, then hooked with Tom for a quick drive back down to Silverlake where we hit a coolio comic shop and then grabbed some delicious Mexican vittles (I went for fish and shrimp tacos, which kicked mucho ass).


Hung out alfresco and shared some stories before we headed back down to the theater . . .

Fun little chapter to the night.


Back at the theater we hung out in the parking lot instead of standing around in line waiting to get in. There we hooked up with Tom's brother Chris and his lady, Liz . . . Then ran into Kasey Lansdale, Damien Maffei, and the rest of our crazy party. TJ's brother John even showed up! After assing around for about 30 minutes we went to head inside for refreshments, etc . . . Was very pleased to see that our legendary pal RAY 3D ZONE was in attendance ;)

Ray will also be at the Dark Country screening next week at the Castro Theater in Frisco!

Then I bumped into a fella I met through my Facebook page, Jack LesCamela. Had a nice time shooting the shit with him. Cool to make new friends with folks you only know through the internet.

While jawing with Jack I was pleasantly assaulted by a gorgeous young woman named Joni, who stepped up on me and announced that she was going to be my new best friend. She seemed harmless enough so I shamelessly dumped Mike and Brian, and Joni became my date for the evening ;) Seriously, I'd never met her before, but she was nutty-cool and we hit it off the way people from a lost tribe do. We know our own kind.

Aaaanyway, then we went in for the show. Brian had saved me a seat but he picked a spot in the back 40 (on the isle, bless him), but since I spied open isle seats up front I opted to escort young Joni to a more sensible viewing headquarters.


The performance started with Kasey Lansdale introducing the show and then a quick word from Tom.

Then . . . By Bizarre Hands. Interesting little one-act play that featured my pal Damien in the lead as some twisted preacher on the prowl for sinners to convert. I provide no further spoilers . . .

Except to say that Ms. Kaitlin (HUNG) Doubleday was terrific as the red-neck mama, and the gal that played her halfwit daughter was NAILS.

Then we had a brief intermission . . . Went outside and took some pulls on my E-Cigarette - Yes, I'm trying to give up real cigarettes ;)


Then the lights flickered on and off and it was time for W.T. Underwood's SUCKERFISH, which really should have been the play titled, BY Bizarre Hands, or MIND, in this case ;)

It's an urban tale of a man trapped in a purgatory of his own creation. It's off the wall and somewhat chaotic (in a way I enjoyed), and again, Damien helmed the lead character, which delighted me immensely.

A cat named DeShawn also performed a major character in this one and he was fantastic.


Then it was over!

We milled around outside for another 30-40 minutes, met the HUNG series creators, Colette and Dmitri (awesome folks) and then headed over to a local bar for some drinks and companionship with Brian, Mike, TJ, Kaitlin, Damien, Jack, DeShawn, and some of the other nutty natives. After an hour or two, the boys (Mike and Brian) were getting restless for some eats so we did our normal "When gathered in LA" move, which (as you know by now) is hitting Mel's Drive in for burgers and shakes.

I call it "fat guy food". And it IS glorious.


As Brian said, we totally spied Sean Young - Great call by Brian. I never would have looked twice at her. But it was her and she did look great.

I'm pretty sure we saw Roland Emmerich too. Brian spotted him and then decided it wasn't him. I think it was.


Then we TRIED to get the fuck out of Dodge, for by this time, it was 2AM. I was in a lot of pain cause I ran out of pharmaceutical pain killers that have been keeping me sane since last week's Root Canal . . .

I could have suffered along home OK, BUT, we WERE rather expected to make a stop-over back at Schow's after AFTER party where the rest of the gang headed when we descended upon Mel's . . .


I called and tried to make my excuses ( I really was feeling miserable), But Kerry would have none of it and told me she'd take care of me if we came . . . Which she did ;)

Had a great time at Schow's for a couple hours but finally HAD to head home. I KNEW my wife would be a little upset when I realized that by the time Mike and I got back to San Diego it was going to be 6AM.


Call me Kreskin ;)


X - TB


PS - Special thanks to Brian McQuery, who made our stay excellent.

Thanks to Mike Hess, Tom Jane, Kaitlin Doubleday, Damien Maffei, Kasey Lansdale, David J. Schow, Kerry Fitzmaurice, Ray Zone, Jack LesCamela, and Joni!


PSS - How did no one take any friggin' pictures!!!??

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Wow, between Tim and Brian they covered everything, so I can't really think of much else to add, other than it was a total blast spending time with great friends and making new ones!


The shows themelves were very entertaining and I really enjoyed them. I didn't have any expectatiojns, nor was I very critical, since I haven't been to a play in... well I have no idea how long it has been. I am definitely up for experiencing more of them



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