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Link sent courtesy of Brian McQuery -



This is real cool, albeit short. But a neat little clip.


Recently, my pal (the above mentioned Brian McQuery) helped gather talent for a 25th Anniversary screening of Aliens at the New Beverly theater in LA on the exact date the film was released 25 years ago.

For many of us, Aliens became an instant classic, a seminal film in the Sci-Fi genre canon. Over the years it's earned it's place alongside the great Sci-Fi films of all time.

The true test is always, 'does the film still hold up after 25 years?' You bet your ass it does.


I unfortunately had to miss the screening . . . Broke my heart, say true.

But I've also had the opportunity this past summer to meet two of my favorite actors who worked on the film.

Got to meet Michael Biehn at the premiere of a cool little film he directed and stars in, The Victim

McQuery has worked with Michael on several projects and they have become fast friends.

Biehn regaled us (lucky chosen few) with some side-splitting stories and spent a good deal of time with us. VERY COOL.


This past summer I was lucky enough to be a contributor (interior illustrations) for Lance Henriksen's autobiography, Not Bad for a Human|The Life and Films of Lance Henriksen.

I spent a good deal of the weekend at San Diego Comicon with Lance, who along with Bill Paxton were perhaps my favorite actors of the 80's/90's.

Talk about surreal . . .


Having spoken to both guys about the topic of the 25th Anniversary (and to Gale Anne Hurd too), I wasn't surprised that the cast found another opportunity to connect, this time with Cameron and Weaver in attendance.

With Gale's help, we tried to assist Brian in collecting the be-all-end-all of reunions with the New Beverly screening (and Q&A), but Gale ended up being out of town, Paxton had to drop out, and all the folks helping couldn't get Cameron or Weaver at the time. Still, a pretty great gathering since they did have Jeanette Goldstein on hand as well ;)


It's great seeing this bunch back together, especially with Carrie Henn (Newt) in the house.

The cast has not all been together yet, but between a few different screenings and this little gathering, most of the cast have bumped into each other this year, which is pretty darn cool.


Thanks for the link, Brian ;)


- TB

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I got that issue of EW. It's always great to see casts reunite.


That's so cool you got to meet those people. :D


I met Michael Biehn this past summer. He's a nice guy. His wife Jennifer Blanc is lovely a person, as well. They were both friendly to me & my family.

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I haven't been on the boards here in ages, but getting name checked drew me back in...


I'm still amazed that I was able to pull off the ALIENS 25th Anniversary Q&A screening at the New Beverly Cinema this summer with Michael Biehn, Jenette Goldstein, Lance Henriksen, Mark Rolston and Ricco Ross. It was unfortunate that Bill and Gale couldn't make it, but it was a fantastic experience for all of us. I would have been excited just to attend such an event, but to be the one responsible and to share the stage with those people... It was unforgettable.


We filmed the Q&A with 2 cameras and I'm still in the editing process. Thanks to Mr. Bradstreet for putting me in touch with Lance.


I love the moment in the EW video where they talk about the knife trick because Lance talked extensively about it at the Q&A and Michael had some great questions about that whole scene.


Surprisingly, the universe conspired against some of my closest friends and kept them away from the ALIENS screening. Pretty disappointed that Tim couldn't make the ALIENS screening as that was one of the first films we bonded over when we first met. Hopefully he'll make it to the NEAR DARK 25th Anniversary Q&A screening that I plan to do next year, which was one of the other films we bonded over.



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