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Tom will host 2nd Annual 3D Film Fest.


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And here's some more info from MediumFan who posted the deets at my Thomas Jane 2 Yahoo Group recently (thanks so much!!):


"Just an FYI, I haven't seen any of these, but Thomas has been all over town

doing promos for the 3DFF this weekend. Here's a list of some of the interviews

he's done the last couple of days.


Playboy Radio on Sirius- Thurs morn.


Was seen at The Grove with Maria Menounos ("Extra")


Also was on KTLA morning show this am. Here's a link to that one.




the-anchors-some-3D-sunglasses#pl-62889993 "


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Here's link to text interview to promote 3D Film Fest where Tom ends up talking about Season 3 of Hung:


"With Hung Season 3, we really get back to ****ing. Its younger, its faster, its

funnier. This year, Ray has decided to have some fun."









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...and Tom talks more about 3D:


"Jane's looking to get a second 3D directorial effort off the ground. "I've just

written a western and I'd love to shoot in 3D," he reveals. "I don't know if it

will be possible, but everything that I work on I want to shoot in 3D because I

believe in the future of 3D. I believe that when I'm an old man every movie

theater in the country will be in 3D, and it'll be perfectly crystal clear,

glasses-less 3D on a giant movie screen."


Much more at:








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I have yet to see any movie in 3D am plaining to go and see the movie Titanic in 3D that should be awsome. :)

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