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San Diego Comic-con 2011

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Tom has posted a pic of the booth this year. I'm seeing some new boards in the back , the two on the bottom stick out as new ones, plus the new Bad Planet on the top row. Any chance of larger images?



The first two on the bottom are for The Amateur Kind and the Dark Country comic from Thomas Ott.


Also here's Bradstreet's Walking Dead comic con poster.



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Looking good. If fact, I'd say I prefer this one over Struzan's. Drew's was cool, but Tim's has an element of dread and fear to it. It's been a while since I've seen a poster that I could say was scary.

Here's a little love for Tim's one-sheet: http://www.joblo.com/horror-movies/news/aw...he-walking-dead

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This video from the Dawn of the Digital Era just popped up on youtube:


Here is another:


The RAW video for the Dawn of the Digital Era is amazing. I wonder how long it took to make it, because it all goes together so well.



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Was a wonderful show made all the more wonderful by the hour per day signing visits of the GREAT Lance Henriksen.

I was able to work out a last minute schedule with his signing tour assistant (the lovely and talented Mimi Cruz) so that Lance was signing in our booth all weekend.

Can't tell you what a thrill that was. And as always we make room for our pal Gale Anne Hurd to store her shwag at the booth so she was there quite a bit too!

It's weird being among legends of some of our favorite films but Gale is just a sweetheart and Lance is an absolute blast of a gentleman.


For Lance fans, be sure to check out his new book, plus I'm looking forward to another unique opportunity; interviewing him and illustrating him for this year's issue of Royal Flush Magazine annual.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates on that ;)


Here's a pic I snapped of Gale and Lance in our booth!



Did some signings at IDW for Star Trek and at Arachia for Bleedout.

The top dog signing was Friday, signing with Frank Darabont and Greg Nicotero for The Walking Dead. You've now seen the poster ;)

That was cool as piss and even more cool when our old friend Mr. Chris Browning (The Stranger in Dark Country), stopped by to say hello.

He's a pal of Greg's too and was at the show for his new premiere, Cowboys and Aliens.


One of the highlights of the show is to also give back. Mike Hess busts his hump every year for us (and Chris Frobose too). He (and I) are huge fans of HBO's new hit Game Of Thrones.

Needless to say he had a star-studded weekend extravaganza. First off was the big surprise . . . That TJ brought us to the Game Of Thrones HBO dinner. Mondo exclusivo.

He had no idea until the night before comicon and then I spilled the beans . . . well . . . Let's just say he was EXCITED ;)

So that was fun. I ran into Jason Mamoa and talked Conan (I did some teasers), George RR Martin (old friend from the sci-fi cons of the early/mid 80's), the show's producer, Vince Gerardis, among many others.

Hess even had a Dinklage sighting! All the stars (sans Bean, the GREAT Charles Dance and Mark Addy) were in attendance. Way cool.

Saturday night we ran into Kit Harington (John Snow) outside the Hard Rock and had a delightful conversation.


Saturday we spent the evening at the Entertainment Weekly party at the Hard Rock. Boy they break out all the stops. Free booze, free candy, food . . . Sheesh.

We had a big U shaped couch reserved and it was like star night. We had Tom's bro-in-law, David Arquette, Ron Perlman, Stephen Dorff, among others . . .

But the highlight for Mike was getting to meet True Blood star Kristin Bauer.


But I digress - Robert Rodriguez hosted a party on Thursday night . . . Tom and I hooked up with Frank Darabont, with Hess and Frobose in tow . . .

We walk in and had no idea . . . There were 10 original Frank Frazetta Paintings on display!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! Was utterly fantastic. Can't even articulate.

Robert told us he's got a Fire and Ice live action film in the works and that he plans to produce results like he did for Sin City and Frank Miller; that Fire and Ice will enjoy that same closeness/treatment with Frazetta's work that Miller's did. Suffice to say I'm anticipating that greatly! We just walked around the room slack-jawed. Incredible.

Also ran into Greg Nicotero and The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus. Norman is a wonderful fella and we hit it off like gangbusters.

When he found out I worked on Blade II he was immediately my pal. He actually knows the work I did on that. Weird.


Show itself was great. Great fans, great friends. Jimmy Palmiotti is one of my oldest and dearest friends in the industry and we always seem to get lucky and get to hang out quite a bit at SDCC.

Normally I either don't see someone I want to see the entire weekend, or I find out they were there after the fact. That's how big this fucker is.


Saturday night we did our digital comics panel which was fun. Glad you guys caught the intro. TJ kills me with that VO. It's fucking GREAT.

Our own Kristyn Humphreys is the responsible party for putting that all together. Let us not forget how much SHE ROCKS.


Friday night was the annual Darabont dinner. Tom and I went to that and bumped into Chevy Chase on the way to our table. Comicon is so surreal.

Cool to see the regulars like Frank's production designer Greg Melton and his wife. We also had Drew Struzan and his wife Dillon, the Mignola's, and Eric Powell from the comics side.

AND the ENTIRE cast from The Walking Dead. Way cool. Had a nice time chatting with Jeff DeMunn whom I met on set of The Green Mile. Great guy.

Then John Favreau showed up. Mr. Big time hisself. I told him, welcome to table for Fifty-FIVE ;) Nice guy.


All in all it was a crazy-fun, exhausting weekend. That's Comicon. You see shit you'll never see anywhere else, meet people you never thought you'd meet. There is no substitute anywhere.

Comicon rules!

It still sucks for strangling artist alley, which shrinks in size every year, but it's still a one of a kind event.

Already looking forward to next year.


Hopefully Mike Hess and other attendees will chime in with their experiences!

Big thanks to Mike, Kristyn, Chris Frobose, and the one and only Brian McQuery for being ultimate support!


Here's a couple more pics from the show -


TJ at Hard Rock SD



Me and Joe Levine at the booth


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The first two on the bottom are for The Amateur Kind and the Dark Country comic from Thomas Ott.


Also here's Bradstreet's Walking Dead comic con poster.




Actually, that one poster was not for Amateur Kind, it was a HEADSHOT fan poster we thought was nice.

We printed it up for kicks ;)


The other new posters were for the San Diego Comicon edition of Bad Planet #7 - Apocrypha

A new Devil's Commandos teaser, and a poster for The Lycan, by Mike Carey and Liam Sharp!


X - tb


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Sounds like a star studded world wind hurricane of fun and fame!


I so hope to attend one of these years.


Yeah, Noeland. You gotta come out here some year and video document the show.

Might make a fun short film!!!


And Happy Birthday!!!


X - T B

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The most EXCITING show EVER!!!


It started off pretty quiet with just Frobose and I in the booth on Premier Night. My daughters came along with me too, but they quickly disappeared to explore the show. When Frobose showed up I got my only real opportunity to say hello to friends in artist alley. I dropped off my sketch book with Cat Staggs. She isn't quite finished yet, but I hear she is doing an INCREDIBLE Captain America Illustration for me. The best part of Wednesday night was the chance for Frobose and I to have dinner with our RAW friends Brian McQuery and Jordan Raskin.


Thursday I got to meet Lance Henriksen. I have to say he is one of the nicest, most genuine persons I have ever met. I met him the week before at the 25th anniversary screening of Aliens, hosted by our Brian McQuery, and when he found out from his co-author Joe Maddrey, that I would be helping him at the con, he very generously thanked me to no end. I also got to talk to Gale Anne Hurd and was blown away she remembered me from last year.


Thursday evening started with the Game of Thrones cast dinner party. The food was great, but of course seeing George R.R. Martin, Khal Drogo, Jon Snow, Jamie, Cersei, and Daenerys made the experience INCREDIBLE. One funny note, when the tall guy with long dark wavy hair, top hat, and big swagger came in, Kristyn Frobose and I turned to each other and wondered what Russell Brand was doing at the party. Turned out it was Jason Momoa. He was a pretty cool dude and fellow Polynesian =)


Next was the Event of the Show for me. Tim, Tom, Frobose and I went to the Robert Rodriguez private viewing of 10 Frazetta originals.The best moment of the entire show was when Frobose and I were standing right in front of "The Death Dealer" with Bradstreet and Frank Darabont himself just going on about the quality of Frazetta's work for about 15 minutes. Just an absolutely breathtaking moment for a geek like me... then to top it all off, Frank ordered a drink for me.


Friday Lance was back with us again for a bit (always a pleasure when he is around). The RAW daughters (daughters of Tom, Tim, and I) got to go on a walkabout through the show with Tom. They all had a great time and got along fantastically. Unfortunately Frobose and I missed one event at the show we really wanted to hit up. Our friend Dan Norton was on a Panel and screening of the new Thundercats, which aired tonight. Dan is working for WB Animation and is the art director for the series, quite a successful transition for a comic book artist. BTW the show looks awesome and everyone should check it out when they can. I heard the panel was very well received with standing room only with a long line of people waiting outside.


That evening Frobose, Kristyn and I went off to another party, while the big boys went to play. It was a great chance to spend time with Kristyn, she is an amazing woman and she is very much responsible for the pulse that keeps RAW ticking. Frobose and I closed the evening by meeting Tom and Tim ant the Trickster party.


Saturday was as busy as ever and closed with another incredible night. Tom got Tim, Frobose, and I into the Entertainment Weekly party. I can't even to begin with all the celebrities we saw at the party. Tom had to break off as soon as we got in a for a press shoot. When he was done he got us a private table and we had a revolving door of celebrities for the rest of the evening. Tim listed some, but the list also includes Russell Mulcahy (Highlander) and Mark Christopher Lawrence (Big Mike - Chuck). I got to spend some time speaking with just about all of them except for Stephen Dorff. And yes "Pam" is Smoking Hot and actually very sweet too. When we left the party I had to squeeze between Jon Favreau and Faizon, quite a feat for someone of my stature =). We closed the evening late at a cafe with good friends Jimmy Palmiotti and Mark Walters.


Sunday went by pretty quickly despite being pretty worn out from the show. We closed the show by going to Horton's to unwind with a long list of good friends. I was done, but Frobose stuck with Tim and went with Tim to the ever exclusive "Dead Dog" party.


One last event was the opportunity to go see Captain America with Tim, Frobose, and Bradstreet artistic partner, Scott Harben. While we were all at Tim's, Scott checked out the Windsong photo-shoot. He's going to go through the shots and do his magic with one of them for a commission. I can't tell you how excited I am about that.


I apologize for the long winded response and I wasn't even trying to be thorough. There was so much cool stuff going on that I just covered the highlights.


I have to thank Thomas Jane and Tim Bradstreet for the incredible opportunity to share in these experiences every year.


I wonder what next year will bring???


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Oh yeah! I forgot to mention Russell Mulcahy and my 'ol pal Mark Christopher Lawrence (and wife Rebecca)!

Russell was a sweetheart as always. Nice to be able to catch up with him.

My pal Mark (Big Mike) lives in SD so I see him fairly regularly.

So funny. I knew him and dug the shit out of him before Chuck, before all the hoopla.

He's a great guy and I always love to see him. So cool to run into him at such an exclusive party.

We chatted heavily and he hung out for about an hour. Really nice to spend time with great folks.


If you're ever watching Michael Bay's film, The Island, with Ewan MacGregor, be sure to check out his awesome little scene when a huge sign falls off a building and lands 30 stories down near a construction crew.

Three words . . . JESUS LOVES YOU! - He steals the whole scene ;)


Thanks to Mike Hess for the excellent report. And dude - Thanks a mill for helping me get all those goddamn poster through the thick mash of humanity on the way to the Walking Dead booth. Bless you!

Hope to see Brian McQuery posting soon, but he's AD'ing a film currently (with Frobose along for good measure).

Hopefully I can talk him into it!


And sorry there are no pics of Frobose to show to the RAW faithful.

He is the MOST ELUSIVE fucker to catch on film!

He's like a Native American Witch Doctor, afraid we're gonna steal his soul.

One day, Chris. ONE DAY.


X - TB

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Guest AdminGuyX

That was a great report Mike! I'm buddies with a bunch of guys from the Aliens Legacy boards who costume as colonial marines for cons, and they love Lance. He's embraced them too. I hope I get to meet him one day.


I love Chuck too. Great to hear that Big Mike is awesome in real life too!! HA!

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When are we gonna see those Conan the Barbarian teasers?


Goddamn, y'know, I really thought they would be unveiled at Comicon.

Not sure what's up with that. I'll check in with my pal Timmy Palen at LGF and see WTF happened.

More soon.


- TB

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Wow! Talk about living the life. Thanks for sharing, guys! I'm glad everyone had an amazing time. Someday, I'd love to attend SDCC. :)


Glad it was all a sweet success! B)

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Wow! Talk about living the life. Thanks for sharing, guys! I'm glad everyone had an amazing time. Someday, I'd love to attend SDCC. :)


Glad it was all a sweet success! B)



Seriously - agreed! Thank you - my eyes just welled up at the picture of Lance and Gale and imagining spending a day or two in a booth with either. Sheesh, better vicarious thrills for me than to embarrass myself with fan giddiness in person! ;) Loved hearing about all the sightings and quality visitations the RAW brethren & sistren (?) shared - awesome experiences!

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It's taken me a long time to weigh in on Comic-Con this year...


Upon returning from Comic-Con, Chris Frobose and I served as the AD team on Danielle Harris' directorial debut, AMONG FRIENDS, so we didn't have a moment to breathe.


(And by the way, there is photographic evidence of Frobose's existence in a group photo from my birthday party this summer - he appears along with Jordan Raskin, Mike Alexander, Mike Hess, Tony Adivari and myself. You can see it on my Facebook page.)


This year was a really special Comic-Con because quite a few friends pitched in to give my great friend Karl Sundstrom his first trip to Comic-Con for his 40th Birthday. Karl is a rabid horror fan and attends most of the cons in Chicago and the Midwest. But I had a great idea for his birthday and we were able to pull it off and I served as Karl's tour guide.


Wednesday, I drove with Jordan Raskin and Mark Walters from L.A. to San Diego. Jordan set up his table in Artist Alley while I got to visit with Mike Hess at the RAW booth. Afterwards, we had dinner at Denny's - Me, Jordan, Frobose, Mike and his daughters and were met by Karl direct from the airport.


Thursday began Karl's first experience with Comic-Con and it was pretty overwhelming. We attended a Rick Baker panel moderated by the great Geoff Boucher. (Afterwards, Geoff tipped me off to his upcoming screening of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, which featured a Q&A with Steven Spielberg and ultimately surprise guest Harrison Ford. That occurred in Sept and was amazing!) Then we hung out with Danielle Harris at her signing for a while. Karl was pretty thrilled by Danielle's goodbye hug. I introduced Karl to legendary director Tobe Hooper at his book signing, then another legend, Lance Henriksen at the RAW Booth along with Tom and Tim. Later, we attended Robert Rodriguez's panel. Then the EW Visionaries panel featuring Guillermo Del Toro and Jon Favreau. Dinner was really special. We met Vernon Wells at his hotel and broke bread, listening to great stories for hours. Karl also got a goodbye hug from the Mighty Wez himself!


Friday, we failed to get into any of the panels we wanted to as neither of us were interested in waiting in line for as many hours as it takes to actually get into those panels. We had a fun day exploring Comic-Con and left for an early dinner. Friday night, we attended a preview screening of CHILLERAMA with all of the directors in attendance. Then pal Chris Nelson got us into a preview screening of CHROMESKULL: LAID TO REST 2 with the director and most of the cast in attendance. Karl got to sit next to director Rob Hall and his girlfriend during the screening. Drinks immediately followed with Chris and his girlfriend.


Saturday was more exploration and me tired of crowds, so I let Karl off the leash to run wild while I went next door and enjoyed the San Diego weather outside of the hotel. We caught Tom & Tim's panel. Then Karl and I hooked up with pal Tony Adivari for dinner. We met up with Jordan for the annual trek to Ghirardelli's for some amazing ice cream concoctions and then we waited outside of the EW party to hook up with Tim and the gang. But they never came out, so we called it a night. If you read Tim's post about Comic-Con, you'll understand why they didn't come out!


Sunday, Karl had an afternoon flight and didn't want to risk missing it with work in the morning, so we slept in, had brunch and off he went. I caught the Sons of Anarchy panel. Then I helped the boys break down the RAW booth. (Mr. Hess had a little health scare that weekend and we wanted him doing as little work as possible.) Then we all met up at Horton's for the annual post-con decompression. Hard to remember all who were there, but definitely the die hards: Tim, Tom, Frobose, Mike, Mark Walters, Jordan and myself.


Jordan and I caught CAPTAIN AMERICA at the mall after Horton's. We slept in Monday morning and drove back to L.A. and reality.


While I had a great time, Karl had an amazing, unforgettable time, which is all that really mattered to me. Karl had never met most of my friends and the warmth and welcome that was extended to him by Jordan, Tim, Chris F., Mike, and Chris N. especially was something that he really appreciated and was touched by.


When I got back, it was full speed ahead on prep for Danielle's movie with shooting starting that Friday. That was intense.

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