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The Amazing Spider-Man


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Number 3 aside, why fuck with something that works? They should have let Raimi do his thing.


You know, part 3 has its problems, it's hardly the abominations that the fanboys make it out o be. It's a victim of nerd hyperbole.


I just hope that it's more light hearted and less campy than the other ones. He should have a bunch of one liners to shout out to the villains. I'll give it a chance, though I won't get my hopes to high, like I did for a certain Punisher movie :(


Nothing about that trailer screamed light hearted and fun in the least bit. As it is, Spider-Man 2 is probably going to remain the definitive Spider-Man movie.

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I like the feel of this so far, except for the last bit of the trailer. That's pretty lame.






It doesn't look very amazing, does it? I don't hate it, but I don't understand the point of making it. Aren't there other comic book characters who don't have movies? Why not come up with something completely fresh?


Raise your hand if you thought of Tobey Maguire while watching it. I sure did.


However, I love Martin Sheen, so I don't know whether to avoid this one or not. To see it or not to see it? But an even more important question--How does Andrew Garfield's hair fit under that mask? :blink:









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