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A Historic Moment


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Finally!!! I found out when I was watching Celebrity Apprentice. I saw the scroll at the bottom of the screen state that President Obama would be making an announcement. I was very interested in what he'd be saying; I couldn’t help but smile at the fact that this news interrupted the final minutes of Celebrity Apprentice. Beautiful timing. Sure that Trump loved that one. ;)


President Obama delivered a powerful speech; the mentioning of counterterrorism made me think of Jack Bauer. B)


When President Obama had to present his birth certificate, he really was doing it at a time when there were far more important events developing.


Not sure what all of this means in regards to the security/safety of everyone, but this victory is definitely one we’ll all remember. Justice feels so good, especially to those who lost loved ones on 9/11.


God Bless America!!!


Where were you when you found out?

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I woke up to the news in the UK. I hope that some of the people who have suffered at the hands of this man have finally found some stillness in their pain and can call upon a smaller measure of peace now that justice has been done.

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A Facebook friend sent me a message.


"Hey! Did you hear that Bin Laden was killed in a raid inside of Pakistan? It's amazing what Americans can do when the Playstation network is down!"


I'm sure there will be attempts at revenge, there are already nutbags Like Alex Jones throwing out conspiracy theories and just tossing a wet blanket on those who need this for closure...


As for me I believe it to be true and I welcome it as a show of force that says " We are still America, don't fuck with us."

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