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Rare, vintage, foreign, cool, POSTERS, DVD, and promo art

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Guest AdminGuyX

I know, I know. We spend a lot of time on these boards bitching about DVD package art, and overly photoshopped giant heads. I enjoy this as much as the next cinephile.


But what I also enjoy, and what I figure most of you do too, is when we find artwork that blows us away. And that's what this thread is for. Any movie, any time, as long as it's officially released artwork and photography and not fan made. Not that we'll always know if we come across something in another language. ;)


I'll get us started off with some cool Hellboy II art:


Even though HB's expression is a little weird looking here, I like the simple "hero and maiden" look of it.




And a Bullitt Poster I had hanging in my office for many years:



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