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As most of you know, we've jumped headfirst onto the facebook and twitter bandwagon. (Check TJ out on Twitter or jump onto Tim, Tom or Raw's Facebook!) We're already getting an influx of new members so we wanted to reward our long standing, main contributing members with a badge since you guys have been so awesome . . . an 'original' or 'old' guard badge if you will. This badge will signify you lot as THE CHARTER MEMBERS, and give you a little braggin' rights in the bargain. So if you see a badass looking skull icon appear next your name in the next couple days, don't panic! It just means you're one of the chosen few. Thanks for everything Raw fans, it's going to be a great year! :D

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NICEEEEEE. Kristyn is the bomb!



And I'm not just saying bomb cuz I'm an arab, I'm saying bomb because she's AWESOME!


I dig the skulls!




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