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Thought I'd give people here a head's up to a great show with, I think, a terrible name. The name, in fact, kept me away from the series and now it's been cancelled, boo hoo.


Originally shown on FOX last year, I think, it's about an ex-alcoholic, ex-cop, unlicenced PI and his ex-con partner, set in San Diego. So far so cliche, but the dialogue really sparkles, the chemistry between the lead characters is great, and the stories are rewarding with threads weaving in and out and seemingly incidental things paying off in later episodes - so much so that I've been wondering just how much of the series was written in advance.


There are only 13 episodes and I must admit the first didn't grab me, but I kept watching and was definitely rewarded. There's talk of a DVD packed with extras, meanwhile it's available through the usual channels.

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Guest AdminGuyX

I agree. The show was excellent. I caught the premier and stayed with it until the finale, which was a cliffhanger. Dammit.


I miss the show. The writing was fantastic, the performances were naturalistic and nuanced, and the way they staggered and layered the overall story and character arcs was very interesting.


I believe it's on Hulu now.

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