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The Artificial Soul


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I have recently completed my latest screenplay “The Artificial Soul”. I had initially planned on submitting a pitch to Raw Studios through the site Virtual Pitchfest, but during my recent set of rewrites I found out that they had removed themselves from the website. So I thought I would post it here for everyone to read. I would love your feedback and comments. I would also be interested to hear if you all think it might make for an interesting graphic novel.


Here is my logline and synopsis.


A brash Detective's interrogation of a menacing Android suspected of murder threatens to expose the deadliest of secrets.


“The Artificial Soul” is a sci-fi noir in the vein of “Blade Runner” and “The Usual Suspects” that follows Walker a brash detective and his partner, Lieutenant Herrington, as they investigate the murder of Meredith Black, a prominent supporter for robot rights. When her personal Android, Isaak, is brought in for questioning an interrogation unfolds exposing everyone’s dark and ulterior motives.


The ill-experienced Walker is put in charge of the interrogation because of a sullen past between Herrington and his strong hatred for all technology. The cold and calculating Isaak is able to easily take advantage of the situation. He turns the tables on Walker who admits to having a dying son in the hospital. However, Walker slowly regains control of the questioning and a story of conspiracy and murder quickly unfolds.


Through a series of flashbacks, Isaak recalls all the events leading to the death of his owner Meredith. He confesses to operating outside his official protocol by spying on her every move. Despite an alibi riddled with deceptions, Isaak still protests his innocence.


The dangerous cat and mouse game ensues until Walker believes he has the upper hand, but problems soon arise. Isaak’s malicious attacks turn painfully personal and drive Walker to the brink. After an array of desperate attempts for a confession, they are left with the difficult decision of whether to release the dangerous Android back to the streets.


“The Artificial Soul” ultimately is a thrilling story about the perfect crime, but with a dramatic twist ending that proves that crime never pays no matter the cost.


Here is a link to a PDF copy of the script:






David Byrne




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