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Welcome new admin JOHN WEBER!

Guest AdminGuyX

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Guest AdminGuyX

You know him, you love him, and now you must bow to him! ;)


OK, in all seriousness the website is not the only place we'll be seeing changes this week. The board will be reopening general registration and we expect a membership surge. This means more work for us and more fun for you!


We have asked our own John Weber to step up and join the admin crew!


We feel John has the even temper, smarts, and guts we need to help keep the spambots in check, and to guide new members through the gauntlet of cool we call RAW. I hope all our longtime members and friends agree that John is the man for the job, and help me in welcoming him.







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Welcome, John Weber!


Noeland covered most of it, and I just want to add that Tom, Kristyn and I are pleased as powdered sugar that J-dub accepted the offer.

It's a pretty thankless gig, other than getting to wear a cool tag and having some authority within these hallowed halls.


Noeland has been our only long-time admin (aside from myself), but he does all the heavy lifting and we rely on him a lot.

Too often we take him for granted (that's the thankless part), but that's what a good admin does, they take care of us without expecting more than our eternal appreciation for their hard work.

So while we're at it, a big THANK YOU to Noeland!!!!!!!!!!


We couldn't be happier to have some quality help from JWeber!

By the great hairy balls of Brian Blessed we are grateful you've joined us!



- TB

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Thanks, everyone. And a big thanks to Tim, Tom, Noeland and Kristyn for tapping me to help out.


I'm glad to see that we are going to open the gates. It's been a while since we've done this, but it was for a good cause. Noeland, God bless him, had his hands full, not only with SPAM bot, but a few members that took things too far. Debate is good, discussion is good, everyone has the right to disagree but keep it civil. Thankfully, Tim and Noeland have been doing this for quite some time. With the flood of new people that are to be expected, I hope to do the same.


I remember when rawstudios.com was just a splash page with Tim's The Lurkers and some pulp dress. When it changed, and the forum started, this was the first forum I ever felt the need to join. Glad I did. We've seen a lot of cool stuff pass through here over the years. I've also made a lot of friends here. This has expanded to not only talking on the board here, but also on other social networks. In a way, RAW is like a family to me. The conversations we've had, discussions, hell, we've even seen people in, wanting to be part of the film world and make it (way to go Andrew, Fred and Raffi!).


With that in mind, I'm up to the task. I love what we have going now (a strong community) and I'm going to help keep it that way. In 2012, I'm going to put my bid in for President and -- just kidding ;)


There's a lot of cool things coming up, and I'm looking forward to see what everyone thinks. So, sit back, hold tight, and lets get this ride going!


-John Weber

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Gee, I never thought of you as an authority figure before, John.

I think it suits you.


If things are going to start hopping around here, I guess I'll have to stop by more often.


And an echo of thanks to Noeland for all the admin he's been doing the last 3(?) years. He's a peach.

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Thanks for taking on the task John. I think you are perfect for the job man!

We'll try and be kind the 1st couple of weeks...after that the honeymoons over BUB!

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Hey, thanks for not putting any pressure on me, Mark ;)


Been a while. I suppose Nyda is running around and starting to talk. Just wait until she starts climbing. Just when you thought everything was safe... they find a new way to drive you nuts ;)


Yes, Nyda is running me over as well as running my life. And you're right -- nothing is safe.


Pressure makes diamonds.

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