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Tim Bradstreet

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It's up and live!


Unfortunately I was not aware that we had gone ahead and let 'er rip or I'd have dropped the checkered flag here sooner.

Though thinking back in my fractured memory I think Tom did say to go ahead and shoot it out.

I thought we were still making some last-minute adjustments . . .


Regardless! We'll be fine tuning things as we move forward. Glad ya all diggit!

We'll be updating on the constant so keep vigilant watch.

Feel free to open threads on the boards about anything that strikes your fancy there.


Also -

YOU FOLKS - Our long-supporting RAW brothers and sisters . . .

Since we'll be gaining traffic and the ranks are SURE to swell (OK, that's a little overboard ;) We're rewarding our main contributing members with a badge . . . an 'original' or 'old' guard badge.

You'll be receiving this small token of our appreciation and affection in the coming days.

This badge will signify you lot as THE CHARTER MEMBERS, and give you a little braggin' rights in the bargain.

Tom's idea and it's a great one.

The new icons will appear below your avatar.


Stand by for more.


- TB

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And lest I forget . . .

Please add a prodigious round of applause for our Head of Development and resident Ninja Assassin, Kristyn Humphreys!


Kristyn's tireless effort made the new site possible - along with assistance from our resident WEB Mastermind, Heather Elliot.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, ladies!!!


- tb

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That's what I'm talkin' about! I dropped a brick when I saw a couple pages of Bad Planet. Man, Staples black and white work just floors me! Fantastic. I cannot WAIT to see the completed comic book. Seriously, that first panel could not be more dynamic or awesome.




Good lord, that's some beautiful linework! B&W volume status: can't wait!

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Great job Kristyn and Heather!


One thing I noticed is that the podcasts are missing. Will they come back later?


Also, on Tom's page, there is the of Scott and it mentions that Tom is producing and EP. Any chance of getting some of Tom's songs on here? I know there's a myspace page for them (I think it's still up, haven't checked in a while ;) )


Can't wait to see what else will pop up.

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YAY for Kristyn & Heather on their website hat-trick!


1) The design change is subtle - familiar yet new


2) TB & TJ have more ways to communicate than just through the forum


3) Casual/new fans have access to way more information than before



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Awesome! The new site looks GREAT, guys!! Lots of new content to browse and fun stuff to discover. I'm totally lovin' the previews for some of the new stuff.



Alien Worlds- Tim B.'s cover for that just BLEW. ME. AWAY. I was about knocked off my seat by that one. Great work, as always, Tim.


The Lycan- Jim Daly's concept for Absalom Coffin is so amazing. I can't wait to see that one.


Bad Planet II- As Noeland, said, the preview pages for this are phenomenal. I am REALLY excited to see this. Can't wait to see more.


Also loving the new FILM section. I didn't know that RAW was behind I Melt With You. That's awesome. Loved the videos of TJ at Sundance too. Kewl!


Great work on the site, guys.




Signed copies of Dark Country... Maybe with some bitching covers?



Seconded. Maybe with some Tim Bradstreet original covers? :P





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