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Duke Nukem Forever PC PS3 Xbox360 2011


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For those Who didn't know this already Finally after more than a decade Duke Nukem Will Finally Return. ;)



Articles:Duke Nukem Demo 2011


Interview with Randy PitchFord.


duke lives again.






must watch. interview. PAX 10


game play preview


i'm so overly happy about this.

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It had better come out this time. The title feels like a prophecy at this point. Its looking great so far.



i agree ;)

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Are you sure it's not April? :P


I think I was still in Jr. High when this was supposed to be developed. Now I'm married and have three kids.



the problem they had was that well the last company 3-D realms went out of busness so Gearbox bought the rights.



but yes now its offical the game us duke fans have been wanting so bad to be released will finally be released.


its been in devlopment hell tho for over a decade. so i say it's about time.

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That pretty much sums up how delayed this is right there :lol:


Well the title alone Duke Nukem Forever pretty much says that. well the forever part of the name anyway.


because it really did take FOREVER to develop. :lol:

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