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Are there Alternative Places to Follow Tom?

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Hi All,


I haven't been on Raw in absolute ages, and it all seems to have gone a bit quiet on here!


I also note that TJ hasn't been on since March of this year. Not sure if he is otherwise occupied or whether no one has been asking questions interesting enough for him to answer.


The only other alternative I could think of, was that he might be cheating on us with Facebook or Twitter, but since I have been away for so long, I am totally out of the loop. Do any of you guys know whether the good folk at Raw have started an official FB or Twitter page for him where we can access updates? If I am going to follow him on there I don't want to have to be the fan reading a fans feeds about TJ.


In any event, really look forward to any updates you might have. Also, anyone know if he's planning on coming to Europe at some point within the next twelve months?


Ciao x :)

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Hi Amelia -


It's great that you're back and hopefully you can join in the conversations and info-postings at this Forum. :)


It hasn't exactly been *quiet* around here, as there is plenty of news, opinions, and convo in most of the sections of the Forum. I'm generally posting any news I come across about Tom, and other people are too, so it's not all quiet on the Western, um, I mean Tom, front. :lol:


Tom is an extremely busy guy, as you will see by reading over all the details of the topics in his section here and in the RAW Entertainment section, so it's understandable that he doesn't have the time to drop by all that often.


As far as I know, Tom doesn't have the time (and most likely, IMO, the interest) to tweet or be on Facebook. He has this official Forum right here to announce news if he feels compelled to do so. Many times Tim and others, including me, post info that Tom wants posted, so he is around in a behind-the-scenes sort of way. :)


I hope you can catch up here by reading all the threads - the info's all here. Enjoy,



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Oh, I forgot to mention, although you probably know, that if you want your PHOTOS fix of Tom, and a message list of news about Tom, you can go to my Thomas Jane 2 Yahoo Group.


Here's the direct link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Thomas_Jane_2/


or type in search engine this exact phrase, with parentheses: "Thomas Jane Yahoo Group".


Yes, I'm tooting my own horn here. :P But it is another avenue of finding out about Tom and you can post messages there too.




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I follow him on twitter or on facebook. He is also on myspace. But mostly I am on here. And your right Jen he is a very busy man. It is wonder he does not collapse from exhaustion.

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