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NYCC??? OCT.8-10??


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That's a drag. I've got some friends who are pro's who are going and their names are not on the website either so I figured maybe there may have been a screw up. I'll be there. Looking for cool people to drink with and checking out art.

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I may actually be going, but I won't know for sure for another 24-48 hours.

If things work out, Vogster, a VG company I've been doing some work for wants to bring me to this show to help promote their new game.

I'll check back in as soon as I know for sure.


Tom and I were going to attend this show as guests, have a booth, the whole magilla.

But somewhere in the mix there was a communication breakdown and they could not bring us in as guests.

Not sure why that is or what happened. We we working through an intermediary, our good friend Mike Scigliano who runs the Long Beach show.

Mike had this all but wrapped for us and then for some reason it fell apart.

We're hoping to lock this show up for next calendar year so look for us both next year.


More soon.


- TB

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I'll be there this and most likely next. I'm in Connectcut so it's no brainer for me and I love the City. It's not much of a arm twister there, I'll have some promo stuff of a book I'm working, which will hopefully be available in Jan. If everything goes as planned it will be available in Nov., but the way things go, I'm hoping for Jan. !


Hopefully I'll see you there Tim! This year and next!

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Yep, this never materialized. I wasn't holding much hope and it does suck to miss NYC this year. Hopefully next year will be an entirely different story and RAW will be representing in force ;)


Hope those of you who are attending have a great time.


- tb

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Dammit! I was holding my breath! Ha! Oh well. Looking forward to next year. I'll have a few of my own books to push then as well.

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