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Tom to guest on The Walking Dead TV series

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Tom might guest star on The Walking Dead TV series which will be directed by Frank Darabont who guided Tom through The Mist. Here are the details:


"...the show which begins airing on Oct. 31. If you haven't heard the "Walking Dead" hype, you soon will. The story of life after a zombie apocalypse is going to be a monster success.


"I'm going to come on and do a guest thing," he says. "Maybe play a bad guy.""











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Really excited about The Walking Dead (even if they do stray from the source material a little). The fact that it's already been green-lit for a second season gives me a lot of faith in this. Will be interesting to see Andrew (Egg) Lincoln as Rick, not an obvious choice, so it should be interesting (assuming he can pull off an American accent).

Doubt they'd be able to get Tom to play the Govenor, that would be a big commitment in terms of time (probably most of Season 2) which would be hard to juggle.

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