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The Fate Of James Bond???


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What will happen to the beloved franchise?



It seems there are too many problems, and there's actually a chance that a new Bond film with Daniel Craig won't happen.


Here's an article:







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I've always thought Denzel Washington would make a great Bond...maybe that's how they can get some $$ flowing? Idris Elba would be even better, but while he's got the accent, he doesn't have the clout.


I wouldn't mind seeing the franchise take a chance like that. Idris Elba in particular would be a fantastic choice for the part, but I think out of safety they'll always keep the character white. The Bond series has never been high on continuity from film to film but the character suddenly changing ethnicity might be a hard adjustment for a mass audience, unfortunately.

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Entertainment Weekly had a list of suggestions:


-Hugh Jackman


-Ewan McGregor


-Clive Owen


-Chiwetel Ejiofor


-Christian Bale


Not a bad line-up at all. ;)


The only reason I could see the changing of Bond's ethnicity being a problem is the fact that so many people were upset when Bond went Blonde.



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If they do lose Craig that would indeed be a shame.

Part of me wants to say , Boo-hoo, to MGM, I mean, how do you go 4 BILLION into debt?

Or better yet, Boo-Hiss!

But the reality is we're the one's left crying.

Rebooting the Bond franchise with another actor while Craig sits atop it's greatest success seems a tragic waste, especially when you consider the current unfinished arc.

What a monumental bungling.

And what's Craig supposed to do while these nitwits try and sort it all out? Sit on the sidelines? Hell no, he's going to take other offers because the chap likes to work!

MGM knows they can't lose Craig. My money says they'll get it back on track in some way, in some guise, WITH Craig before he's too old.

He'll finish the string with at least the end of the current trilogy, and THEN we can have the discussion over who takes over ;)


Wishful thinking? Only time will tell ;)


- TB



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Craig is one of my fav Bonds. He's so good at it. I hope they don't replace him. Especially, if he is still willing to do it.


Who knows? Maybe the the anticipation of waiting for the new Bond film will spark even more interest in the franchise.


A world without James Bond....is chaos.

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