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Happy Birthday Noland!


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I got you a cake:



And yes, that is the first Google image when you search "gun cake."

How the fuck can you top GUN CAKE? AWESOME MAN! Happy Birthday baby brother, see you Friday!

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happy Birthday uncle noel! :)

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Happy Birthday ya big hunk a burnin' love!

I wondered what was going on yesterday when I heard gunfire from the canyon near my home.

I hope you had a super-sweet day topped off with the appropriate appropriateness (I know what I think that is)!

May the fleas of 1000 camels never find your tent, Sahib!


We're toasting your awesomeness here at Casa del Street, beneath the Bradstreet Hotel sign ;)

xo daddy-o


My very best - Tim

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Guest AdminGuyX

Thank you everyone!


It means a lot to me. :)


I'm spending the day alone, been working all day on finishing up props for this weekends shoot and having a great time. I got to pull out some of my older stuff too, broke out the web gear and the trench coats, and the guns, and holsters. The knives and machetes . . .


I'll post up some photos of the work soon. :)


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Make sure you find time to enjoy yourself on this day.

Have fun, but try not to do anything crazy.


Well.....you can get a little wild. No one will judge you. Promise. ;)


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