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Troy Zurel


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Been inking since 1995 thru 2001 and took a 8-9 year break from it to pursue other art. Which turned into airbrushing and caricature. Funny thing about airbrushing......did a lot of comic book related material during those years ....and the caricature work just reinforced my sketches and taught me to sketch faster and under a lot of pressure.


Some samples:

Alternation Annie Pin-Up

Pencils: Carlo Barberi

Inks: Troy D. Zurel




Storm as Thor!

Pencils: Clayton Henry

Inks: Troy Zurel



Deathstroke the Terminator

Penciler - Chris Stevens

Inker - Troy D. Zurel




Pencils - S. Platt

Inks - Troy Zurel



Lady Death.

Pencils - Michael Cornelius Suayan

Inks - Troy Zurel

---Lots of detail.



Inferno Hellbound 1 Dale Keown Cover 1

Pencils - Dale Keown

Inks - Troy Zurel

---Enlarged this because of all the detail involved.



Werewolf by Night

Pencils - Michael Cornelius Suayan

Inks - Troy D. Zurel

--- Again posted a little larger because of the amount of detail.




Figured I share a sample of my inks. As soon as I am able to release some of the work that I have been working on for the last four months...I'll post them. Just happy to be working again in this industry.





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