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Yeah, I thought that was an interesting article too.


RR is a horse of a different color though, because he can make a film on his own and doesn't need help from the studio system to do anything but distro. Lucas was the first to really succeed with that type of model I think. RR is also smart to make both kids films and r-rated fare. He's really got it made right now. He can do pretty much anything he wants to do.

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As some of you know, I'm one of the hosts of the german film podcast Moviefeature and this week we had the chance to do an interview with "Predators" writer Alex Litvak! The interview is about 48 minutes long, but don't panic... only the intro is in German ;)



[00:00] German intro

[00:55] His background & how he became a screenwriter

[11:15] How the Predators project started for him (+ Medieval mention)

[19:55] Writing with a partner vs. writing solo

[22:15] Outlining vs. discovery writing (Predators & Three Musketeers examples)

[24:55] Inspiration for Predators

[25:40] Research for Predators + comparison of plot & characters with the original

[29:30] Original opening of Predators

[31:10] Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) cameo

[33:20] Three Musketeers (exclusive new information)

[37:05] Medieval status

[37:30] Masters of the Universe (exclusive new information)

[45:30] Akula update





Alex is a former feature executive turned screenwriter. Upon graduating from USC Film School, he embarked on a career in development and production, and held senior executive positions at 20th Century Fox, Outlaw and Intermedia. He’s been involved with over two dozen movies, including “Terminator 3”, “X Men”, “Daredevil”, “Fantastic Four”, “Alexander”, “K-19”, “Quiet American”, “Behind Enemy Lines”, “Training Day”, “Wedding Planner”, “Basic”, “X Files”, and “The Hunting Party”. Since making the switch to screenwriting, he’s penned a number of projects in features and TV, the most recent of which are a period action thriller “Medieval” for New Regency, an update of “Three Musketeers” for Constantin Films and director Paul W.S. Anderson, which is slated to start production this fall, as well as a romantic action comedy “Rivals” for ABC. He’s currently writing “Masters Of The Universe” for Sony.


"Predators" is his first produced credit as a screenwriter.

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Yeah, it was alright. Goggins, Grace and Brody were pretty great. I was most disappointed by the sword fight, everything was in position to be a cool sequence, the long swaying grass etc... It was just staged pretty badly, and honestly needed a little bit of gore at the end of it.

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I loved it that one of Goggins' characters last words to the Predator was calling it a, "stupid space faggot".


Haha, that was good. I liked all of the characters in the movie, though I thought a few certain ones were under used. I hope we will get a good sequel.

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