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I'm such a fan of Caine and great to see him return to this kind of film. Caine and Mike Hodges rewrote the book on the "payback film" with 1971's Get Carter.

I know this ain't exactly that, but Caine is a master of delivering "character menace" and I love to see the great, older actors flex their asskicking muscle when it's a strong filmic effort.

This looks like the right kind of vehicle, and just from the trailer you can tell it's going to be a satisfying ride.


Thankfully with the success of films like Taken, and Gran Torino, (and for my money, The Limey), the door has opened wider for older actors to get back in a game normally reserved for the young fellers. Show 'em how it's done Mistah CAINE!


- tb

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Have to say I was disappointed. I think the film is all over the place and the pacing is terrible.


That said, there are some wonderful scenes and some truly shocking moments of violence.


Emily Mortimer is terribly miscast as a Detective Inspector. I didn't buy her for a second. And she stammered and um'd and uh'd through the Q & A. What a waste.


Caine is great, but he almost always is. This movie could have been so much better.


Can't recommend going to this one in theaters. Catch up with it on DVD or cable.

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I still recommend it so I'd say if you like Michael Caine you're going to see it regardless ;)

It's not a perfect film but it's much better than a lot of stuff that passes for good cinema.

And it's immeasurably better than a lot of films which ride the heavily backed studio-based promotion train to box office success.

It's a little film with a big star who shines.

Could it have been better? Sure. You can say the same thing about almost any film, even the ones you love.


I vote for Harry ;)


- TB

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