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Bid to Win a Pizza Delivery from Tom!


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Here's the scoop - Dark Delicacies is relocating and is now hosting an auction to raise money for the relocation, and among other really cool auctions is the coolest - a chance to get a pizza delivered to you by Tom himself!! :D


Entertainment Weekly posted about this here:



and there's more details at Fearnet.com:



and of course there's the official Dark Delicacies site:



To get to the Auction page, scroll down and click on the yellow banner, and then click on the Specials link on the left-hand side of page, or click on the Higher Bids area where it says "Thomas Jane Pizza Delivery".


As long as you're in the L.A.-area you've got a shot to meet Tom in a very fun 'n' unusual fashion. ;)




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I wanted to do that but I don't think the pizza would of tasted to good by the time it got here. Considering I live in Ohio that is kind of a long drive.

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