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always will be


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Damn, look at this new pic of Thomas:


Now tell me if he isn't the most badass actor. That look in his face is enough to make you turn back and run. Totally punisher here, eh? (OK, without the muscles).


Whoever is doing the sequel must know that everyone can ACT as the punisher but only Thomas Jane IS and WILL always BE Frank Castle.


Can't wait to see him slaughtering those mutants.

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You have my TOTAL and COMPLETE respect, SD. Its great to see someone appreciate the glory of TJ as Frank Castle. I'm in full accordance to your post. Thomas Jane IS and WILL always BE Francis Castle Jr. Make sure to drop some smart bombs on the Punisher Disaster Zone thread - it's the one thread, that needs to be REMINDED of this man's greatest performance and commitment (that wasn't appreciated by those with the money) to the Punisher.


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