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The nominees for The 82nd Academy Awards has been announced.


But who will win? Which actors and actresses delivered the best performances? What films deserve to win? What director tops the list? What about the writers? What about everyone else? Who got snubbed?


Oscar night is March 7th, which isn't that far away.


What people do you want to see take home the golden statuettes?


Pick your favorites right here. Or mention who you thought should have been nominated, but didn't make the cut.



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I haven't seen The Hurt Locker, but if it comes down to that or Avatar, then I'm rooting for Bigelow all the way. If Cameron wins this one, after all the success he had with Titanic, then I'd hate to be the one who had to live with him. His ego must have its own zip code by now.


Personally, I'm rooting for the underdogs, The Blind Side and Sandra Bullock. That movie is fantastic, and her performance is far and away the best work she's ever done. Definitely deserving of an Oscar. It would also be wonderful to see her pull a trifecta like Helen Mirren did a couple of years ago (SAG, Golden Globe and Oscar all in the same year). It's about time she gets some recognition for her work and talent.


I'd also like to see Jeff Bridges win for Crazy Heart. That's one of those Mickey Rourke/Wrestler type movies that comes along once in a great while.


I think Avatar will almost certainly sweep the technical awards, like cinematography and art direction and such. But I think The Hurt Locker will give the others some serious competition in the major categories.


Up will almost certainly win the Animated category.


M'onique is a serious contender in the Supporting Actress category after her double wins at the Globes and SAGs.


Don't know about all the rest of them. Have to wait and see.


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I'm super happy that District-9 got nominated, but I don't think it would be on the list if it only were 5 movies nominated. But again, then I don't think Avatar would have been there either.


I just read in a Norwegian paper that Cameron is very pessimistic of Avatar winning, and that he hopes Kathryn wins, since "I've already got one of those statuettes". But that he would be "pissed" if anyone besides Kathryn won. Personally I think Basterds will surprise this year (perhaps best picture and cinematography).


I think it's a given that Waltz wins supporting actor. He delivered such an iconic performance.


In the best actor award, I'm rooting for Renner, but I doubt he'll get it, and my guess would be for Bridges. Haven't seen Crazy Heart (love the tagline though), but I think he's been snubbed four times before and there's always the "we should be nice, it's his turn now." thing going on at the Oscars.


As a fan of Bullock I hope she wins as well. And with future movies with her, she'll have "Oscar Winner Sandra Bullock" on the Blu-Ray cover. :P

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I found it really surprising that District 9 made it on the Best Picture list. Not that it's not a great film, it's just that the Oscars have a tendency to overlook genre films. It makes me happy to see it there.



I was also surprised. It didn't really go with the other nominees. But who knows? Maybe District 9 will pull a Slumdog Millionaire and actually win. Anything can happen.





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I really hope Christoph Waltz wins. The guy came out of no where and just blew everyone out of the water. I'm also hoping QT wins for screenplay. Love him or hate him, he has a way with words. Reading his screenplays are just as entertaining as watching his films.


I too would love to see District 9 come out and win best pic, but I doubt that will happen. Usually with best pic wins, they go kind of safe. Slumdog and Crash (though both good films) I thought were too safe, and really I was not rooting for them.

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I want Quentin Tarantino to win all of his categories. I can't help it; he's one of my favorite. I know people really want James Cameron to win for Best Director, but I think Quentin deserves it more.


I really want Fantastic Mr. Fox to win for Best Animation, even though I know Up will get it. I thought Fantastic Mr. Fox was a way better movie than Up. Up is one of my least favorite Pixar movies, but the Academy loves Pixar. Oddly enough, Cars lost to Happy Feet in 2007. I wasn't too happy about that choice.


I don't know about the other categories, yet.









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Although I enjoyed Avatar, I don't think it should be anywhere near a best picture award. It was entertaining, and all the actors/actresses were great (espcially Worthington and Lang), it was just way too cliched and predictable. Awesome Cg and everything though.


I know this is off topic, but I would personally advise everyone on this board to avoid Legion. My girlfriend made me go see this (and Ninja Assassin months ago, I don't why, maybe she banged her head), but Legion was so awful... I can't go on. And no, I'm not religious. Cheers everyone. :D

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I want The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus to win for Art Direction and Costume Design.


I'm not sure about Original Score Music. I really want Fantastic Mr. Fox to win, but if Sherlock Holmes won I wouldn't be too upset.


I love George Clooney, but I don't think Up in the Air was his role of a lifetime, like Crazy Heart was for Jeff Bridges. So, I don't know who to root for, yet.


I like that Star Trek got some nominations. It would've been cool for it to have gotten a Best Picture nomination. (Since Avatar did, it wouldn't have been too far out there.) I hope it wins Visual Effects, at least.


I'm still thinking about the other categories.





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The Oscars are this coming Sunday. This one seems to have a lot of people talking. The big question, as always, is what film will be crowned Best Picture?


It seems that there are more films in the category that I want to not win than to actually win. I don't like the voting process for the Best Picture category. Academy members had to rank the nominees from 1-10. After the first-place citations get counted, the film with the fewest votes gets eliminated, and those voters' second choices count instead. This process continues until one film has more than fifty percent of the vote. Why I don't like it? The film with the most No. 1s won't necessarily win.


I hope Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin make the show entertaining. I love both of them, but most award shows rarely are entertaining.

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I watched The Oscars last night. It was a nice awards show. And I was pretty pleased with most of the winners.


Having Christoph Waltz win for Best Supporting Actor as the first award, was a great way to start. I'm so glad he won.


My highlights of the show included:


-Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin as the hosts (They were hilarious every time they spoke. I really enjoyed when they kept picking out the actors in the crowd to make jokes about them. And using 3D glasses to see James Cameron? Clever. I loved the Paranormal Activity spoof they did.)


-The John Hughes tribute (It was nice seeing the actors of his films, including Jon Cryer, Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, Matthew Broderick, Ally Sheedy, and Judd Nelson, reunite on stage to showcase John Hughes' movies.)


And my most favorite...


-Ben Stiller in Avatar make-up presenting for the Best Make-up category (I can't believed he did that. He was hilarious. I don't think James Cameron was too amused by it, but I loved it. If the actors in Avatar actually wore make-up instead of being CG, I would've been impressed. Stiller proved it could be done.)


I didn't like that Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner presented the Horror films tribute. I didn't even know Twilight is a horror film. The Academy should've gotten Tom Jane to do that.


Best Actress-Sandra Bullock (I'm glad she won, and she looked surprised.)


Best Actor-Jeff Bridges (He really deserved the win.)


Best Director-Kathryn Bigelow (She made history as being the first woman to win in this category. I still wish Tarantino had got it.)


Best Picture-The Hurt Locker (Kathryn Bigelow looked really shocked to win. I think she honestly believed Avatar would win. I know James Cameron expected Avatar to win. I don't think the Academy wanted to be known for awarding the biggest budget movie the Best Picture award. So, they went with the lowest budget movie nomination, instead.)


Here's the complete list of all the winners of the 82nd Academy Awards:





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Yeah, it was a nice show!


Martin & Baldwin did a good job. Stiller and Downey Jr. were pretty funny too.


I'm happy that Christoph Waltz won (nice speech). Not just because it was a great performance, but also because Basterds has at least one Oscar (I rooted for Tarantino for Original Screenplay). It wasn't a big surprise, because Waltz pretty much won every single award for this role ^^ By the way, that's the first Oscar win for an austrian actor since Maximilian Schell for "Judgment at Nuremberg" in 1962.


I expected Bridges and Bullock to win as well after the Globes.


Even though I haven't seen The Hurt Locker yet, I was surprised that it won Sound Mixing & Editing over Avatar.

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It was a pretty good show! I loved the hosts and how they could rib everyone including themselves.


I personally could have done without the horror genre montage - and agreed, since when is Twilight horror? Anywho ...


I would have loved to see Penelope Cruz or Vera Farmiga sort of upset the Supporting Actress category and win it!


I would have loved for either Jeremy Renner or Colin Firth (both of the twenty-something year quiet career) to take Best Actor!


But I'm mostly okay with who got what ... and especially LOVED to see Kathryn Bigelow win for Best Director - and the surprise of her life with Best Picture! Her reaction was lovely - genuinely overwhelmed, humbled, shocked, and grateful!

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It's such an amazing turn of events for THE HURT LOCKER. I saw it twice in January 2009 at Film Independent screenings. Kathryn Bigelow was there for both screenings and Mark Boal was there for the first one. It was nominated for 2 Spirit Awards that year for Jeremy Renner and Anthony Mackie. And it did not have distribution. They were hoping for a summer release.


Just over a year later, it wins BEST PICTURE, BEST DIRECTOR, BEST SCREENPLAY and a handful of other Oscars. Amazing!


When I met her, I said, make more movies. And she said, I'm trying, but it's really hard. Hopefully, this will ensure that it's not 7 years until her next feature.


Bravo, Kathryn Bigelow!

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Brian, I remember when you shared those Film Independent screenings with us here - I just didn't remember that it was over a year ago! Amazing!


And, indeed, Ms. Bigelow must be well-encouraged by now to close the gap between feature accomplishments - one would only hope!


Likewise, Bravo!!!

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