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Darwyn Cooke

Tim Bradstreet

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Just poured through this after getting a freebie from IDW pres, Ted Adams.

HOLY SHIT it's freaking insanely awesome. I'm absolutely head over heels for Darwyn's work here.

Not only one of my all-time favorite novels but wow, what an incredible adaptation.

Every frame, every panel is sheer story-telling delight.

The early 60's vibe literally bleeds off the gorgeous hardcover collection.

A great example of the comics medium at it's very finest.




Thankfully book two is slated for release in the near future. I can hardly wait.


Found this scanned panel of the original art on Chuck Dixon's site, though I tinted it a bit since it was toned in royal blue.

The printed pages have a yellowed paper overall with black and desaturated green, like a sepia green, gorgeous.

Check it out, all hand ripped ;)





Highly recommended, obviously ;)

- TB


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Darwyn is an amazing artist. Like the late great Mike Wieringo, he broke ground to give artists who favor more of an animated/cartoon look a chance to show their mettle against ultra detailed artists, and become more accepted. I have been definitely meaning to pick up Parker, unfortunately the only copy I could find was a pretty beat up edition at Barnes and Noble. I do have his Batman Ego trade, and I do believe there are some of his production sketches in the Batman Animated book (highly recommended).

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