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Mr. von Trier is a provocateur, and while superficially I felt that certain parts of this film were too slow and drawn out and obvious and annoying, there were also some deeper roots to the imagery and the story and the journey(s) that the "She" and "He" characters go on... Now if I could only figure it all out!! :lol:


I don't know if anyone else here has seen the film, but I didn't find it horribly shocking, or at least not as horrible or shocking as some of the critics and squeamish public are going on about. I mean, it is a challenging film in spots, and once in a while horrible and shocking things do happen, but taken within the context of the film and the ideas represented, then it all fits together...I think... :P


Anyway, I'm trying not to say too much right off the bat; I don't want to do any spoilers just yet, although if you've read the reviews, you can probably envision it all, yet not in the framework of the overall film.


It goes without saying that Charlotte Gainsbourg is mindblowing in this role. Willem Dafoe has the more "internal", calm role, but he's still great.



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Haven't seen it yet but it looks fabulous, in that Andalusian Dog kinda-way or like a Peter Greenaway flick (The Cook, The Thief, The Wife & Her Lover & A Zed & Two Naughts). Jen - did you see the Catholic or Protestant version?


Hey kdedu -


I saw the uncut version supposedly. I'm now wondering what the "tamer" version looks like...


The comparison to Un Chien Andalou is fitting because, if you don't know what's coming, then some scenes are shocking.


Oh, that's what I wanted to mention - that I was "tainted" by reading a ton 'o' reviews before I saw the film, so I kinda knew what to expect, so I think that highly diminished any shock factor. There is something that happens near the end of the film that wasn't really talked about by the reviewers, and I was disturbed by it, so maybe if I hadn't read anything and known what was going to happen, I would have been more shocked by the proceedings.


The other thing to realize about the film is that the shocking/graphic scenes are few and far between, with the rest of the film having a pervading tense, dissociated feeling based on the characters' emotions and dialogue. So it's not all "blood-spattered walls" or anything... Well, maybe a blood-spattered shirt at one point... :lol:


What interested me more was the "puzzle" of the dialogue and what to actually "get" from this film; like, what is its meaning, what do certain images represent, how does it all fit together into a statement?


I think many people will find the dialogue dull or silly or contrived, but somehow I feel there is a deeper meaning in there. There is a lot of symbolism, with images of snow falling, water falling, acorns falling, etc..., which symbolize death or loss of innocence. Then there's the "religious" aspect and the idea of "She" (played by Charlotte Gainsbourg) representing Eve in the biblical sense.


Should this film be taken in a biblical context, a historical context, a sexual/cycle of life and death context?... Maybe it's all of them...




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I just thought this was a funny blurb about actress Charlotte Gainsbourg. She suffered a cerebral hemmorage after a water-skiing accident (*not* the funny part) and so "As part of her recuperation, Gainsbourg accepted a role in Lars von Trier's thriller Antichrist..."


:lol: What a way to recuperate...






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I still haven't seen it but a friend of mine bought the DVD awhile back and we tried to watch it together. It was a pizza and beer night and 15 minutes in it became crystal clear that it was the wrong kind of film to be watching. Later on I read an article describing in vivid detail something horrible that happens to Willem Dafoe's character that made me so queasy I had to stop reading it.


I’ll watch at some point but I’ll have to be in the right mood. Definitely no pizza next time ;)

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