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Hey let us not forget Brian Cox, Pete Postlethwaite, Robert Carlyle, Bob Hoskins, and Sir's Richard Attenborough and Derek Jacobi too!

Wow what a cast.

And also lest we forget, our good friend and cinematographer extraordinaire, Mr. David Eggby (Mad Max, Quigley Down Under, The Blood Of Heroes, Pitch Black) is lensing this 13th century tale of a determined group of Knights Templar defending Rochester Castle against the tyrannical King John. Should be sweet!!


Pic courtesy of Empire Online -

Purefoy -



If all goes well, David Eggby will be gliding from this epic tale to the dark regions of New Zealand to shoot Andrew McKenzie's Sweetwater.

What a joy that is going to be.


- TB

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Oh I didn't know that Eggby was the DP. Sweet indeed! And I love the cast...


There's a real Solomon Kane reunion with Purefoy, Postlethwaite and Jason Flemyng.


Vladimir Kulich (Buliwyf in "The 13th Warrior") and Kate Mara ("Shooter") are in it too. Nice!


The only unknowns for me are the director and the writers. Does anybody know English's work?



Here some Behind the Scenes videos and infos:



The imposing walls and battlements of Rochester Castle have been rebuilt on a Welsh coal tip for the filming of a medieval action movie.

Ironclad is based on the great Siege of Rochester Castle in 1215.

Although the castle is built from wood, metal and plastic at a distance looks completely real.

The film is as historically accurate as possible, designed to recreate the siege and make the viewer experience a medieval battle in action.

Directed by Jonathan English, the cast includes Paul Giamatti as King John, Sir Derek Jacobi, James Flemying and Vladimir Kulich. Ironclad is due for release in 2010 and with a £12 million budget it is said to be the largest independent film in production in 2009.

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I loved James Purefoy on The Philanthropist. I started watching the show, because Purefoy looks so much like Tom Jane. But then I actually liked it and saw every episode. I didn't even realize that show got canceled until I found the DVD, and it was labeled Complete Series. That was disappointing.





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YUP. I need to see this. Fucking Giamatti. In the trailer alone, he just brings it. Brian Cox, amazing, I can't wait to see this.

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Ironclad is screening in LA next week. You can win tickets at Fangoria:




or you can buy them at:




In attendance will be Rick Benattar (producer) Jonathan English (director) and David Eggby (DOP)

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And here's another example of why America needs better marketing. Who dreams up a tag line like this a goes to bed knowing they did their job? http://www.aintitcool.com/node/49546


That tag line is just bad. Is Ironclad about a music band? Am I missing something here? :P


Actually, the only good thing about this poster is James Purefoy.


Please, someone give this film a better tag line!



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Hate to say it, but that looks like a straight to DVD poster to me. God everything about it sucks. Stupidest tag line EVER.

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Could'nt agree more. It's amazing to me that some one looked at this guys work and said "yeah, get that guy.". The poster does scream straight to DVD and the tagline...christ. I enjoy some shit stuff from time to time but thats embarrassing. Esspecially when you consider the wealth of great art that genre has produced. Even people who don't know the genre would, you would think, look for something that would drag fans of the genre into the theatre. It doesn't look like they looked any further than the shelves at Blockbuster.

It would haved been better if it was just the shot of Purefoy with the castle in the background lit from somewhere behind or off to the right of the image. maybe some black and white with just the gore in color. If you can't get Frazetta-y and really, almost no one can, let's get Bradstreet-y.

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