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Arnie Fenner just confirmed it.







Frank wasn't home: he was visiting the girls in Florida.




Let's hope this isn't true, for Frank's sake and well being.




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Been monitoring this since the story broke . . .

All such a monumental goddamn shame.


I feel so bad for Frank. First his beloved wife and partner passes away, then his trusted son tries to steal the keys to the kingdom.

I love how his wife is trying to be so supportive, talking about it like Frank Jr. is plainly innocent and then going on and on about how Frank Sr's legacy must be protected . . .

What a mouthful of extreme verbal diarrhea.


Disappointing on a MASSIVE scale. It's got to be truly heartbreaking when your own flesh and blood resorts to such selfish stupidity.


I also love how the paintings are insured (valued) at 20 million.

Believe me, they are worth far more than that.


- TB

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That's pretty sad. The photo of his son doesn't make him out to be any kind of benevolent citizen either. Stopped by here a few years ago on a road trip, it's tucked back off the highway and a long driveway, incredibly serene. And of course filled with great inspiring works you can lose yourself in. Pretty incredible what the guy was pumping out even after switching from right to left hand.

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Any recent news on this?

I'm sure that in spite of the mis-step (if you can call it that), Frank Sr. doesn't want to send his own son to the hoosgow so they are likely keeping a lid on all this and trying to work out some kind of respectable way to deal with it. The kid fucked up. I'll just bet you that drugs or money owed to shady people was behind this lame ass move on the kid (who is no kid)'s part. No fella in his right mind is gonna steal from his own flesh and blood, and I've corresponded with Frank Jr. before when I tried to see if the master would do us a cover for Bad Planet. He seemed like a together dude.

Likely he just got his ass in a sling and sincerely BLEW it on a monumental scale. Hope it ends well, but it's going to be very hard to ever smooth this one over,

Shit like this tends to live in infamy.


- TB

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Letter may decide defendant's fate in Frazetta art case


Legal issues and family loyalties continue to muddy the Frazetta art heist case.


But the emergence of a notarized document could signal a death blow for the prosecution's case against the elder son of the world famous fantasy artist.


Though Frank Frazetta may no longer have the authority to grant his son permission to take the paintings, the document granting that permission may douse any concept of intent to commit a crime.


On Dec. 10, the artist's son, Alfonso Frank Frazetta, known as Frank Jr., was arrested after police discovered he'd broken into the Frazetta museum in Marshalls Creek and removed about 90 paintings worth $20 million.


Frank Jr. told police his father gave him permission to remove the paintings — but when police called Frank Sr. in Florida to confirm it, the artist denied giving his son the OK.




The issue of Frank Sr.'s competency is also central to battle over the estate. Lori Frazetta has said Frank Sr. suffers from dementia, and is being influenced by Frank Jr.'s three siblings, rivals in the dispute.


Not true, said Gerry Geiger, an attorney with Stroudsburg-based Newman, Williams, Mishkin, Corveleyn, Wolfe, & Fareri. Geiger represents Frank Sr. and said the artist is, without question, competent to oversee his own affairs.


Frank Jr.'s bail, originally set at $500,000, was reduced to $50,000 Wednesday, and he has been released on bail. Next step: Frank Jr.'s preliminary hearing was rescheduled for Jan 6.




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Sure. Now that he's been released and had a hearing it's a reasonably safe bet they're handling the rest of this quietly.


In the First Assistant District Attorney Michael Mancuso's opinion, "It's an intra-family dispute that really should be resolved between them if possible."


(An intra-family dispute.. .....using a backhoe.)



BleedingCool is reporting, "UPDATE: The Pocono Record has updated, naming Frank Bush and Kevin Clement as accomplices. Heidi MacDonald points out that Clement is the organiser of the Chiller Theatre Expo horror conventions held twice a year in New Jersey."



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And it only gets weirder...




METALLICA – Guitarist Spent Million For “Conan” Art?


METALLICA’s lead guitarist, Kirk Hammett, is reportedly disgusted with the

way famed 82 year old artist Frank Frazetta is being treated by certain members in the Frazetta family, who – get this – are allegedly holding the elderly art legend against his own will in Florida.


Frazetta retained all the original Conan paintings, and long refused to part with them. Many were displayed at the Frazetta Museum in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. In 2009, Frazetta’s “Conan the Conqueror” painting was the first to be offered for sale, and was purchased by a private collector for $1 million.


The supposed buyer was none other than Kirk Hammett, better known for being the lead guitar player in heavy metal’s biggest band. He is said to have purchased Frazetta’s epic “Conan the Conqueror” painting for the hefty million dollar amount. Now Metallica is apparently stepping-up to the plate to support The Frank Frazetta Museum re-opening, Frank Sr. and Frank Jr.’s Freedom, and helping put an end to the insanity.


Word has it that Kirk was willing to shell-out the 50K needed to bail Frank Frazetta Jr. out, after his apparent false arrest in mid December of 2009, which was allegedly engineered by Frank Sr’s other son Billy Frazetta and his attorney Gerard Geiger, who are said to have now hi-jacked the entire Frazetta Estate (worth around 100 million dollars) over the past 7 months.


Frazetta is also famous for his art being used for rock album covers, such as Yngwie Malmsteen’s War To End All Wars from 2001. His incredible works of art have been used by other top hard rock acts such as Nazareth, Molly Hatchet, and Wolfmother.


Frank & Ellie Frazetta had swore that the Conan paperback book covers would never be sold and would always remain together as a collection, permanently on display in the Frank Frazetta Museum. Privately Frank Frazetta said to numerous witnesses prepared to testify:


“If I agree to sell this painting. Will this FINALLY bring peace to my family?”


At this point, it was hoped by Ellie’s Museum staff that the Conan sale would not only placate the 3 salivating children, and Dr. Death but a small portion of the proceeds would also help with the planned expansion of the Museum and this years 10th Anniversary celebration ( 2000-2010 ), but the million dollars in cash was promptly transferred without Frank Frazetta’s knowledge or approval into the new back account of a “Frazetta Properties” LLC created as a front for Billy, Heidi and Holly’s under-handed activities. Frank and Ellie’s personal / business account was also bled dry by these Unholy 3 of 6 figures in cash.


Frank Frazetta got word of Billy Frazetta attempting to actually cash the Metallica Million, and withdraw all of the money in one shot. When the bank refused to hand over the money, Billy proceeded to have a major public meltdown in front of numerous witnesses at the bank. Teller’s are prepared to testify to this fact.


Hammet reportedly has shown great concern for possibly contributing to the current circumstances at the Frazetta Museum compound, with his 1 million dollar purchase of a Frank Frazetta masterpiece.


Both Frank Jr. and Kevin were present, along with 3 other Museum staff members, when a valiant attempt was made to prevent any more art thefts by Heidi, Billy, and Holly, ( after they repeatedy changed the locks of the Museum ). Frank Jr. and Kevin ( and crew ) tried to lock Frank Frazetta’s masterpiece paintings away in a New York City Museum Art. This dramatic event occured sfter the classic original Frazetta painting “Kane of The Golden Sea” was stolen in November of 2009. And after other repeated art thefts by Billy, Heidi and Holly and the bogus company Frazetta Management continued it’s shady dealings.

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All of this is so insane.

I've heard all sorts of conflicting reports.

I wonder if the public will ever know the whole truth.


Is Frank Jr. guilty or innocent?

Is Billy the real villain?

Are Holly and Heidi involved now too?


You know I think about that awesome photo of Frank with his arm around a 9-ish year old Heidi (Frank Frazetta - The Living Legend, Sun Litho/Frazetta Prints, page 90) and it breaks my heart to think of the kids squabbling over Frank's art and all the money they stand to inherit. Everyone always wants more. Yick.


I really hope that for the most part, Frank's kids are just caught in collateral hearsay on this subject.

Whatever the truth, it's a freaking mess. This WHOLE entire thing has created a dark cloud over Frazetta's career.

In the twilight of his years, after so many great successes, this is the type of shit that has to rear it's very ugly head.

The whole thing is shameful.


Apparently Frank is just trying to put the whole thing behind them.

They are his kids after all. He's not going to hang the guilty one/s out to dry.

This official statement from Frank was just released - Courtesy of David J. Spurlock at Vanguard Productions -




Hopefully this puts the bad business to rest so everyone can go on with their lives, though the spectre of this ugly situation will forever (at least for the foreseeable future) taint the Frazetta legend.


- TB

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It'd be nice if they re-opened the museum. Then again, the whole situation was so screwed up.

I read somewhere the three siblings in Fla. want to set up some kind of traveling exhibit of Frank's paintings. I'm not sure how I'd feel about that.I thought the Frazetta's built the museum so the paintings weren't scattered all over the place.

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