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Name The Podcast Contest

Tim Bradstreet

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The Bradstreet and Racine social club...



...Never mind, they were better titles for Jimmy Stewart movies...


We been calling it THE PODCAST for months, why change now!...Iknow, I know, dull...but I'm bettin' within 2 or 3 months (maybe not even) we'll be calling it THE PODCAST again!

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"New Wierd Order" with Tim and Tom

"Back to the Drawing Board" with Tim and Tom

"Comic Genius" with Tim and Tom

"Graphic Commentary" with Tim and Tom

"Drawing Blanks" with Tim and Tom

"Cell Mates" with Tim and Tom

"Stripping" with Tim and Tom


Just a few more thoughts...

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Guest AdminGuyX

THE SATURATED PAGE with Bradstreet and Racine


MIXED MEDIA starring Tim Bradstreet and Tom Racine


PODCASTING FROM THE QUILL with your hosts, Tim Bradstreet and Tom Racine


and my very last hat in the ring:


SPATTERED INK CHATTER with Bradstreet, Racine, and anyone else in the room.


And a quick congratulations to whoever wins! Get yourself a nice frame for this baby!!

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gunplanet may have just taken the lead.

Will announce the winner Friday, December 21!


Thanks for all of the suggestions.


- Tim



So it's Saturday the 22nd and still no winner...


You're KILLING us with all this suspense. :)



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