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Big Apple Comic Con


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So according to the Big Apple Comic Con website, Thomas is scheduled to appear there on Saturday, Oct. 17th to sign autographs for Wizard World. Don't know of any other events so far that he's going to be at. And so far, there is no exhibit booth listed for RAW, so I don't know if there will be one.


Any more deets on this, Tim?


Here's a link to the page about Tom's appearance.




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I just got confirmation from Tom that he is scheduled to be there, as the official Big Apple Comic Con site says.


Of course, I totally forgot to ask Tom if there will be a RAW Entertainment booth set up, so once I hear about that, I'll post the info. :lol:




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Okay - got info from Tom that there won't be a RAW booth, but they'll still be selling Bad Planet and Alien Pig Farm - and I have to say, Bad Planet is definitely worth it. :D





So I guess the BP and APF trades are the only merchandise they'll be selling there? Any news about a possible DC screening or any other RAW related events that weekend?




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I got some news from Tim about where he'll be at this Con. Here's the scoop:


"I'm in for the whole weekend. We won't set up our booth (too many logistics). I'll be in the artist alley area and I'm sure TJ will be hanging out there when he's not signing somewhere."



If there's any more news, I'll let you know -




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Yeah, I'll be in artist alley. I'll have my new art book, Archetype for sale along with APF 3000 and Bad Planet collections.

I'll also have a bevy of artist proofs on hand, lots of full color prints, lots featuring Tom.


Tom has a big autograph session on Saturday which may be preceded by a photo session where fans can pay X amount to get a picture taken with the erstwhile star of The Punisher, The Mist, and HUNG ;)


My $ says skip that, cause normally anyone who comes up to TJ and wants a pic (unless they are clearly mondo lame or dangerous) gets one free of charge.


Tom will be there all weekend though he may take off early on Sunday.


Here's the latest awesome scoop -

Originally we were told that there were no facilities to screen Dark Country so there would be no screening.

However now, Sony has gotten involved and there could be a screening of Tom's directorial debut after all.

Not sure yet whether or not this possible screening would be in 2D or 3D.

Hopefully there exisits a 3D Stereo Club of NY, then we may get the assistance we need to show it in full 3D awesomeness!


Stay tuned, more news on the way.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just a couple of things I found online:


Pic of Tom with some girls in red dresses at the Big Apple Comic Con:





and at same site a brief rundown of how it went at Big Apple Comic Con, along with mention of Tom:


"Also, kudos to Thomas Jane for cosplaying. Anyone get a pic?"






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Had a great time at the show but I must sadly admit that our screening for Dark Country was a complete waste of time.

Sure, it was spur of the moment even though it need not have been since we offered Wizard a screening upon committing to the show a month ago.

Initially we were told there could be no screening because the show didn't have the facilities to do it.

Then, less than a week before the show we found out that it could be done - Too late by then to even screen it in 3D (these things take a little planning).

So we said 'what the fuck', we'll screen it in 2D by God!


So guess what time of day Wizard scheduled our noir thriller, our Friday night Drive-In special?


10:30 AM Sunday morning.


Yeah, that's what we said.


Add to that, there was absolutely NO promotion.

Except for the on-site promotion Tom and I did (and we did a lot). Still, Sunday morning . . . .



The fact that it was 37 degrees and blowing, and fucking raining like piss didn't help attendance either. Sunday morning at the con was a ghost town.


OK, to make matters worse, the room they were screening films in is just a giant space that'd been surrounded by black curtains that weren't tall enough to block out the light from the massive row of huge windows surrounding the space. Light is just pouring in, you could barely even see what was happening on the screen. I'm surprised that 12 people stayed to see it all. Fucking painful. Thanks to the New York 12!


So yeah, ridiculous.


Then we get rushed out during our truncated Q&A that was supposed to last 30 minutes. I think we had 5 minutes before some other dudes came in to do a panel for the 6 people who stayed after we left. The whole ordeal was pretty disgusting - IN STARK CONTRAST to the professionalism and effort we received from the folks in charge of the LONG BEACH show just 2 weeks prior.


All in all, the screening was a complete debacle.

We've decided to get on with our lives as if it never happened ;)


More to this Con report coming up very soon, just need to Dload my pics and I'll be back with the rest of the dirt.


- TB

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Guest AdminGuyX

10:30AM? Christ on a chocolate muffin. Why not just have you showing on an alley wall 6 miles away? Probably have a better attendance!


I've always been of the mentality that's too early to screen movies and anime, or even have panels. I've often appreciate the after hours screenings, and for something like Dark Country a midnight screening Saturday night would have been perfect I bet.


Midnight. New York. Dark Country.


Looking forward to the rest of the dirt.


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The actual show, the fans, all that was 150% grade A cool.

Jane and I walked the streets of NY after dark, snapped pics, shot some HD vid, and enjoyed the crisp, damp weather of Manhattan.

Ate some INcredible food.


Got to see and hang out with some good friends, namely - James O'Barr, Mark Bode, Adam Hughes, Esad Ribic, Alex Maleev, Joe Quesada, Tim Vigil, Billy (Don't Call me Donna) Tucci, David Mack, Basil Gogos, Jim Steranko, Mike Allred, Alex Savuik, Patrick Kennedy, and many other malcontents.


Hung out at the Royal Flush Festival Sunday night in the East Village. Shortfilms, Rock Art Poster exhibition, good times. I was shuttled around by my honorable host, Patrick Kennedy, my Bellmojo Bro.


Royal Flush Magazine is an awesome semi periodical you should all check out. Great art, great design, funny as shit comics in every issue.

Our erstwhile RAW brother, Brian Ewing is a frequent contributor. If you like art and pop culture then this is the only magazine to put your fingers on.

It's like National Lampoon meets Famous Monsters Of Filmland! Where else can you see Rick Veitch immortalize Frank Zappa by aping Jack Kirby?


Royal Flush on Facebook


Royal Flush - Home Site


Here's some more pics ->


Jane hailing us a cab at 39th and 10th.



Some of the line at Saturday's signing (at the Wizard booth).



Jane signed HUNG promo posters for a lucky few.



We made some new fans and turned people on to Alien Pig Farm 3000 and BAD PLANET!



Good times at dinner - From L to R - David Mack, Thomas Jane, Jim Steranko



I gotta say Tom was supposed to sign for 1 hour but instead did 2 hours and 30 minutes, making sure every fan got autographs and pictures FREE.

We gave away tons of schwag including Dark Country 8X10 lobby stills.

TJ was definitely a crowd favorite ;)



This is my pal Patrick Kennedy at the Royal Flush Festival.



My daughter Lydia never leaves home without a copy of RF magazine ;)



The show was good times but I won't even attempt to describe the complete chaos of the show organization from travel arrangements to promotion, etc . . .



Wish more of you could have made it out. Missed you Noeland and Shawn.

Hey waitaminute! SuperBeast said he was gonna be there.

Dude, did you miss the show or did we just miss you?



Rock on.


- TB

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Here's a candid photo I snapped during the Dark Country screening.





I rest my case.


We should have apologized and pulled it after seeing the conditions.


- TB


Wow. That's just absolutely horrible. A small laptop would have given yah a better picture.


Kind of makes you wonder why they would bother screening a movie in such an unwatchable condition (if it was dark out that probably would have worked fine)?






Oh yeah, negligence.


Maybe me and Noeland can catch yah next con, Tim.

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