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Happy Birthday, Joe Jusko!!


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Have great day Joe! I'd tell you to drink a couple of beers for me...cept you'll be to busy drinking them for yourself!

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I knew something was afoot yesterday when the clock radio in my bedroom began to blare out

, at 5:30 AM, which incidentally is Joe's theme song. I never set the alarm. Creepy.


Now I know what that was all about.


The bestest of Birthdays to Joe Jusko, a TRULY Magnificent Bastard if there ever was one.

Some say it's Ploog, but they are suffering from delusions they'll never quite recover from.

In honor of this auspicious occasion (while the trumpets blow a hailing call and clock radios go haywire), I offer my very own tribute in the form of an old letters page appreciation from the mid 60's - Say, something you might have read in CREEPY.


Dear Mr. JUSKO

Instead of studying the dif-

ferent 'veins' in your artwork,

I'll just say that your fright -

ful style is too cool. I love

your art so much that I am

starting a Fan Club and about

ten fiends of mine sold blood

to vampires at wholesale

prices to get money to join

(you are the greatest).

Also - I brought some of my

favorite art by you to school

and my teacher took it away.

Each week she takes the art

she's taken away and sells them

to the highest bidder in the

class. I got my 3 VAMPIRELLA'S

and my NIGHTSTALKER painting

back for 35 lousy bills! Just shows

you how much I love your paintings!


Bill Drilkow

Winnepeg, Cananda




xo - TB

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THANKS, ALL, FOR THE GREAT BIRTHDAY WISHES!!! Tim, you are truly one priceless friend!! lol Enjoying my big 5-0 with the love of my life, but this thread is definitely the icing on my cake!!! Be back in couple of days! There's a case of Duvel and a bottle of Patron with my name on it waiting to make sweet love to me! LOL

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