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If you're like me then you're hot and cold on Nick Cage.

Seems like he does so MUCH these days that you're never really quite sure what you're going to get.

So it was with a little trepidation that I picked up Knowing last night at the vid store.

I'd have maybe skipped it except for the fact that the shelves are so bare of anything that excites me to rent.

Pretty much everything I really want to see I see at the theater, so there were a few things that got my attention but I'd already seen them and I wanted to see something I had NOT seen.


I say I'd have skipped it but for the lack of choices but there was also another deciding factor in me grabbing Knowing last evening.

And that deciding factor was the director, Alex Proyas (The Crow, Dark City, I Robot).

Alex's work is well known as slick, with an edge, great production design, and an inventiveness lacking in a lot of today's would-be visionaries.

Knowing is no exception.


After seeing Cage move from project to project so much the last few years you start to wonder if there's anything special about any of them.

Like a mindless theater goer I did enjoy the popcorn silly fun of the National Treasure films. They are product pure and simple.

And sure it's all 'check your brain at the door' for the most part. But at least the treasure hunt nature of the films is pleasing.

Anyway . . .


I've also seen Next, which was somewhat stylishly directed by Once Were Warriors helmer Lee Tamahori. Not bad except it felt massively truncated and short. I felt like I'd been gyped on the ending. Ultimately not satisfying.


And there's been a slew of others mixed in there . . . Bangkok Dangerous? Someone will have to let me know if it's even worth my time cause I can't bring myself to check it out without some kind of advocation.



Anyway, to the point . . . KNOWING.


I was most pleasantly surprised to find a pretty damn good film here.

Am I nuts? Am I so starved for something new or original that I just took the hook and got caught?

I don't think so.

Knowing actually did surprise the hell out of me. I wasn't expecting too much from this film aside from some slick visuals.

Instead I got a fairly intriguing story and a pretty fucking satisfying film out of the deal.

I don't really want to say much as I had no real idea what I was getting and that worked for me.

I don't think I even read the blurb on the back of the DVD. I just saw it was Nick Cage and directed by Proyas.

Looked like a fantasy thriller and maybe there were going to be some kids in it.

I just said what the fuck and threw caution into the wind.





Suffice to say that some of those things, those stylistic markers Proyas has shown in his best work are on display here (no spoilers, heh).

And the CGI and FX are pretty damn top o the line. It IS slick, but not too slick, the film has a nice creepy vibe as you try to unravel the mystery of what the fuck is going on. And that's not a bad thing, it was actually a pretty damn good thing.


This one kinda came out of nowhere for me because maybe I'm just not so in touch.

I don't even remember this playing at the theater.


One thing is for sure. I definitely recommend Knowing.

So if you were on the fence before, I'm just letting you know that I enjoyed it and it's definitely worth a rent.


- TB

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You might be an idiot, Tim. I snuck into this when it was in theaters and I thought it started okay, but I remember it just going crazy in the third act. I wouldn't call it a bad picture, but I don't know that I could recommend it. It's bizarre. It takes you in unexpected directions, I will say that.


Worth watching on cable for sure.

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Guest AdminGuyX

I didn't even know Proyas was connected to this. It looked so much like Next to me, I just figured on skipping it. I have a hard time watching Cage on film any more. He's so hard to take seriously. He has this kind of Zoolander thing going on where he has about 6 faces he uses to emote in every film he does.


I'll make you a deal, go watch Appaloosa (I know you guys have a Dean Semler beef going on, but so what) and I'll watch this.



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I saw Appaloosa at the theater you nutbags! ;)

AND I bought it when it was released on DVD a while back.


The only beef I think Andrew might have with Semler is that he wasn't as accessible as he'd hoped.

I don't think Andrew would ever kick Dean Semler out of bed if you know what I mean ;)

It's not even really a beef, more of a Slim Jim so to speak.


Bri, I know a lot of films that fall apart in the third act and it didn't kill an otherwise pretty damn good movie. I'd bet you could say the same.

Perfect or near perfect films are a rarity and as such we don't see their like all too often. Most of the films I love are flawed.

Do I LOVE this film? No. It's not going to go down in my history rated alongside The Road Warrior and 2001.

But it's definitely worth a rent, especially for some eye popping SFX and an intriguing story.


As for falling apart, I didn't really feel like it DID fall apart. I though the end was pretty satisfying.

The pace picked up and the film started jumping around a bit by the third act but at that point I was invested and I was able to follow it with no problem.

There were no hiccups for me. But these things are often THEE very things we can never agree on as an audience. Some dig things I dig, some don't get it, and some hate. I love Signs, a film lotsa folks love to hate. But fuck if I don't love it spite of what others (and many I respect) say to the contrary.


As for Cage, like I mentioned at the top of the thread. I'm hot and cold, and definitely READ, AKA agree with you Noe ;)

Still, I was able to enjoy Cage in this.


- TB

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There are some spoilers here, but you will know when they come.


With Cage, I always try to focus on the positive, not the bunch of OKs and maybe 6-7 stinkers he has (just my opinion of course) (Fire Birds, Zandalee, Windtalkers, Ghost Rider, Next, Bangkok Dangerous.) Cage is the man. I dug him when I was a kid after the action trilogy. But as time passed and more and more "turkeys" came along, my interest cooled. I think after watching Lord Of War and The Weather Man, my interest got back again. But it's not until I saw The Wicker Man that I got full force back as a fan. I mean, the movie wasn't good, and it states the fact that Cage is a funny guy, and should never do horror. But it was so enjoyable watching and it became an instant cult flick for me. Over to his darkest film (which I think must be 8mm,). It's such a great thriller and basically is a stripped down Punisher movie, it really chokes me up at parts. I wouldn't trade anyone for Cage in it. It also has Peter Stormare with a crossbow and Chris Bauer (he played Dubov in Face/Off with TJ and Cage!) with a gimp mask! :lol:


Back to my renewed interest. I was checking imdb, and there were so many movies before Leaving Las Vegas I hadn't seen. So this spring/summer, me and my brother have watched all the Cage movies we could find (50+). Like some Jane movies, he too has some that are almost impossible to find. I actually find alot of similarities with TJ and Cage, in the sense of picking parts that are wacked/intriguing, although not so much in recent years for Cage. Nicolas Cage excels in tormented/asshole roles. One of the movies I was really not looking forward too watching was Time To Kill (Tempo di uccidere) from 89. But it took me by a surprise. Warning, Spoilers: ------------ He plays a lieutenant during the war, who is stationed in Africa. There he rapes a girl and injures her by an accident and have to execute her. But soon realize she was a leper... I mean.. come on. This is a film that any moviegeek with some self respect and a slight interest for Nic Cage should see. I think it's got Cage at his best.


Some (maybe) "unknown" Cage movies I'd recommend: I don't see Raising Arizona and Wild At Heart as unknown btw.


1: Vampire's Kiss (Nic Cage & Jennifer Beals) One of the best Cage movies, hands down. It is a must watch. Black comedy.

2: Time To Kill (Nic Cage & Giancarlo Giannini) Great story.

3: Birdy (Nic Cage & Matthew Modine) Drama. Modine plays really well in this one.

4: The Boy In Blue (Nic Cage & Christopher Plummer) Sports/Drama. A fit Cage aged 20. It was shot in 84, but released in 86.

5: Trapped In Paradise (Nic Cage, Jon Lovitz and Dana Carvey) Best Cage comedy except The Wicker Man.lols.;)

6: Red Rock West (Nic Cage & Lara Flynn Boyle) Film Noir.

7: Amos & Andrew (Nic Cage and Samuel L. Jackson) Comedy. I thought this one was really funny. It could have been a South Park episode really.

8: Racing With The Moon (Sean Penn & Nic Cage) Drama. Penn is of course the lead. But I think Cage steals the show in every scene he's in.


And I think he's got at least 15 really good movies after those. So all in all there are more greats, than ok's and stinkers.


Knowing was one of the last ones in my Cage marathon, and one that I saved because I had heard so many positive things about. But being a box-office success doesn't make movies great. I was a bit disappointed in it to be honest. I thought Cage played ok. Much better than Jim Carrey in one of his serious roles at least. The thing that annoyed me some, SPOILERS: was a woman in the movie going bananas taking the kid... That was it though. The ending was good. I liked the ending for Indy 4 as well. It must be that I was a huge fan of X-files and extra terrestrials in general as a kid. But nowadays kids obviously think stuff like that are a bit lame. I also read that this movie was shot with a Red One camera? Which would really shock me, because I thought it looked like film all along.


Looking forward to seeing Cage in another asshole role in Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans this fall/winter!

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I really liked Knowing. It was one of those movies I went to see and had no clue what it was really going to be about. It's not my favorite Nicolas Cage movie. My favorite is Face/Off. However, Knowing did have some really cool scenes and an interesting plot. Knowing reminded me of Dark City, so maybe that's why I enjoyed it so much.

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Got the movie on DVD as a birthday present. I like it. No masterpiece, but like a 7/10. The part with the


, especially at the end was quite mysterious and surprising, but well... it's a mystery thriller. The plot is interesting, the acting (one of the better performances by Cage) and the dialogue are solid and the effects are quite good.


It seems that a lot of people don't like the ending and some think the movie delivers a morally reprehensible message. I don't think so.

It's a global disaster and I think everyone would save their children first and give their life, so that they can survive. And to meet death calmly and having faith isn't a bad thing either I guess.


Why didn't the aliens save everyone? Good question. Maybe they didn't have the energy or resources to do it. Maybe the people around the world would have freaked out and destroyed each other, when the aliens would have taken thousands of people with them every year from 1959 to 2009 without a global disaster at hand ^^

Well, that's part of the mystery and also of the Noah's ark/Adam & Eve parable I guess.

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